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Deep Tissue 1Hello and Welcome to my Website

It is my pleasure to introduce my work to you, described throughout the pages of this website. Using a varied and expanding collection of gifts and skills, I wish to support, uplift and empower people in their growth and transformation.

Modern life can often be demanding and stressful. How we respond to, and deal with, challenge and change is fundamental. However, we often need the help of others to attain and maintain balance in our lives – no one can do it all by themselves, and helping each other is one of the joys of being human. But ultimately it is down to each one of us to look after ourselves as best as we can, and to seek the help we need.

My Work & What I Offer

I clear limitations from the people I work with, helping to make them clearer and lighter. In all senses. Within the space of the session, I offer balance, harmony and grace. In a physical sense this means the reduction of muscular tension, pain, injury, stiffness, fatigue and restriction. That is, a restoration of the body to a more easeful, open and harmonious state. In an emotional and psychological sense, this means a reduction in stress, anxiety, worry, depression and the need for addictive props. That is, a homecoming of happiness, peace, gratitude and clarity. In a spiritual sense this means increased awareness of oneself and a dissolving of the fears that prevent an opening into our full potential and who we really are.

A Little About Me

I am a creative and fluid being, therefore I love variety in my work and life. There are many aspects to my work though they all unite in the single purpose of helping people to live life joyfully and with a connected awareness of the world around them.

My work is that of a guide or spiritual counsellor, lending a hand of support and a fresh perspective to illuminate your path in life so you may take the next steps that beckon to you. With each step, we express more of our true divine selves, and to be part of this process is truly fulfilling to me. I can help to coach you through the challenges of life, so you may learn, grow and transform quicker than you ever have, or imagined possible. Read more about My Work.

“Massage is something that you can start learning but you never finish. It goes on and on, and the experience becomes continuously deeper and deeper, and higher and higher. Massage is one of the most subtle arts – and it is not only a question of expertise. It is more a question of love… “Learn the technique – then forget it. Then just ‘feel’, and move by feeling. When you learn deeply, ninety percent of the work is done by love, ten percent by the technique. By just the very touch – a loving, conscious touch, something relaxes in the body. “If you love and feel compassion for the other person, and feel the ultimate value of him; if you don’t treat him as if he is a mechanism to be put right, but an energy of tremendous value; if you are grateful that he trusts you and allows you to play with his energy – then by and by you will feel as if you are playing on an organ. Thewhole body becomes the keys of the organ and you can feel that a harmony is created inside the body. Not only will the person be helped, but you also.” Osho on Massage

What’s New???

I am now running regular spiritual gatherings. These offer a sacred space, within the powerful light of transformation of the Emerald Heart, to explore the truth of ourselves – so we may take steps towards unlocking our potential. All are welcome. Click Emerald Heart Spiritual Gatherings London for more information.

A Soul Plan Reading uses your birth name to reveal your soul’s purpose, its challenges, talents and goals. It is a wonderful tool of self-discovery. Click Soul Plan Readings London for more information.

The Emerald Heart

01  Web res Flared HeartThe Emerald Heart is a powerful consciousness for transformation that has made itself accessible to us here on the earth. It is a unique resource to support a change in who you are, in your very consciousness, encouraging your evolution as an individual towards becoming who you truly are.

Sessions are engaging and energetic consultations, somewhat similar to counselling or psychotherapy, though in my experience far more effective. Within the session, I will work with you to reveal the truth of your situation, bringing about a shift in perspective.

But the real work is done subsequently with the use of a powerful vibrational essence – this brings external energetic empowerment to your intent to change. Ultimately, it is our fears that lead to our constrictive and dysfunctional behaviours and the need to control the world around us – these essences help to dissolve those fears. Flexible consultations can be given over the phone or in person. Read more about The Emerald Heart.

Hands-On Healing, Bodywork & Massage

Living as we do, in our modern society, as fragmented beings, we become disorderly collections of isolated parts of ourselves living in separation of the whole. Our minds impose their will upon our bodies which then carry the heavy burden of our ideas, beliefs and denied emotions. Lacking the harmonious flow of energy allowed by a cohesive unity, our health begins to progressively break down, especially in those parts of our body/mind resisting integration and communication with the totality.

All healing, bodywork and massage encourage these parts back into communication with each other so that they may re-integrate as a balanced whole. When this happens, the bodily energy begins to flow more harmoniously and there is a natural easing and opening where there was previously pain and contraction. This is a fundamental principle underpinning all energy or bodywork, whether Reiki, Shiatsu or Sports Massage.

Often, to allow this possibility of integration, a person must face the truth of what they are doing to create the situation of pain and crisis in their body and life, and this can be difficult given that we often live for years in avoidance of the truth of ourselves. Sometimes the body can be eased more by a few words of truth than 2 hours of massage. Read more about my perspective on The Body

I integrate many different techniques into my work, making my approach flexible, adaptable and intuitive. I will use and recommend particular styles and approaches according to your needs, so you may receive the best possible outcome.

From a peaceful and spacious studio offering Reiki London and Shiatsu London in Finchley.  I also offer the following massage, bodywork & healing therapies –


Healing & Massage For The Modern Life

Few people could deny that the average modern western urban life is a constant and frantic striving for more, one underpinned by an assembly of fears. It can be an exhausting business and one need not look far to see and experience the often debilitating effects of living this way. On our passage to (expectantly) moving toward living more harmoniously with ourselves, others and the earth, we therefore need support from others, and healing, massage and bodywork is one of the wonderful ways to receive this. It can provide rejuvenation of a tired body and mind, relaxation and deep, nurturing rest – and thereby rebalance our very being.