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Lomi Lomi MassageHawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is a divine celebration of life. It is a massage that is offered as a sacred blessing to the one receiving it, and as a sacred service to the one who gives it. It nurtures and encourages you to receive the pleasure of life in a body, through the gift of touch which is given as a loving worship.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is not a remedial massage aimed at correcting a part of your body that is painful, dysfunctional or un-integrated (there are better massages for that) – instead the focus is upon affirming the beauty that you are, as you are now, encouraging an emergence of the divine within you. For in the place of truth there is no difference, we are all equal and all worthy of love. These are the laws by which the ancient Hawaiians lived and practiced their healing massage.

Receiving Pleasure

How habitually do we deny ourselves pleasure? focusing more on the pain, struggles and deprivations of life rather than the abundance and joy which is there for us all to receive whenever we open to it. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is about receiving joy, abundance and pleasure as sensuality. It is not about sexuality (though that energy inevitably emerges) but opening to receiving from another. By controlling what we allow in, we separate and isolate ourselves and our bodies become tight, closed and eventually succumb to illness. Our very existence is supported and maintained by so many basic things, like the earth and the breath that we rarely stop to value.

Pleasure as a concept has many connotations and associated taboos within society, especially with regards to our physical bodies. These act as severe limitations on our ability to receive without shame. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is a natural, pure and wholesome offering that will, in time, melt these barriers to receiving pleasure through our bodies.

We cannot truly give until we can truly receive…Lomi Lomi Massage 1

The Massage

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is an exquisite offering of sensual, continuous wave like strokes that embrace your body in its totality, as an integrated whole.

The massage is ideally given with you as the receiver completely naked, symbolic of you being soul naked, vulnerable and open to receiving. It can be given on the massage table or on a futon mat on the floor. Many people feel the massage table can be plinth like, medical and removed from the earth, and prefer the grounding, solid and supportive quality of laying on the floor. The choice is yours, and if you have no preference I will choose.

“Dear Jag. Thank you so much for today. The combination of heart to heart and flesh on flesh was truly a wonderful experience. I have had Lomi Lomi massage before but this was a whole new experience. You are a very genuine and thoughtful person and that comes through in your sensitive and probing questioning and also through your hands. You felt like a friend that I could trust and that is very special indeed. Stay blessed.” Sarah Stevenson, South London

Please Note

I wish to offer a liberating experience in which you may receive a Lomi Lomi massage fully naked if you choose – an experience uncommon to most of us. It is sensual and connecting, an opportunity to embrace and accept our selves and our bodies, and to delight in this. However, it is not an erotic or sexual experience. I wish to make it clear that I do not offer massage of the genitals.

I have met some who have brought to the session expectations of sexual gratification, even though no where have I communicated anything to support this expectation. During the massage they then wait with anticipation of receiving a service that is not offered, thereby creating tension for both parties. This defeats the very purpose of the massage.

Traditionally in Hawaii, this massage was often given fully naturist, with both giver and receiver naked. Click Naturist Massage North London for more information on this deeply liberating experience.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage London

Sessions are available for 1 – 2 hours.

The cost is £70 for the first hour, and £60 thereafter, so £100 for 1.5 hours, £130 for 2 hours etc. This is for a full 1 hour hands on (or 90 minutes etc.) and includes an additional 5 – 10 minutes consultation time.

24 hours notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling otherwise the full fee is charged.

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