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Naturist Massage North London

Naturist MassageOccasionally someone will ask me what is the difference between a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage – which invites the receiver to experience the massage fully naked, though as the giver of the massage I remain clothed – and the naturist version, in which we are both naked. Technically, in terms of strokes, there is little difference.

However, a Naturist massage offers a very different experience. When two people meet in a therapeutic context, as this is, and are willing to shed the trappings of modern civilisation which our clothes symbolise, we create the possibility for deep relaxation, liberation and pleasure. A massage given in this manner is a deeply sensuous and nourishing experience, taking us out of our self imposed isolation by creating an intimate connection with another.

When we strip down to bare nakedness and reveal our bodies, we are also inviting soul nakedness. We offer all parts of our physical selves to be seen by another. This is an act of vulnerability and open heartedness, and though at first it can feel a little frightening, we find that with practice we can give up our burden of shame and distorted self image and begin to nurture self acceptance and love. I will create a space of acceptance, trust and peace in which you can feel comfortable and supported to fully relax and surrender to the experience.

Nakedness is primal, real, honest, vulnerable, untamed, undomesticated and animal. We live in a society that has long frowned upon nakedness, the body and sexuality, and fought to repress these less civilized, animal, feeling parts of ourselves, leading to our reduced ability to be spontaneous and joyful.

Nakedness & Feelings

A Naturist massage can give rise to strong feelings in the receiver, stirring up emotions long since felt. This is a wonderfully therapeutic and liberating opportunity to feel, given that most of us continuously control and repress what we deem to be unacceptable feelings. Absolutely all feelings are fine and acceptable as long as they are acknowledged, spoken and released rather than hidden and projected silently, causing harm to others.

During a massage you are always encouraged to share how you are feeling, especially when it is a feeling you find uncomfortable. Arousal can often occur as a natural response to sensual touch, and this is fine – there is no need for embarrassment, shame or resistance if it happens. Obviously sexual energy will emerge at times, and this is fine too – it is our basic primal energy that we are engaging with. But you are reminded not to sexualize the experience.

Aloha! from the Hawaiian Paradise Islands

I also offer specialist, naturist massage for men which expands beyond simply massage into an exploration of connecting with oneself as a man, through connecting with another man.

Please Note

The naturist massage I offer is sensual, liberating and connecting. It is an opportunity to embrace and accept our selves and our bodies, and to delight in this. However, it is not an erotic or sexual experience. I wish to make it clear that I do not offer massage of the genitals.

I have met some who have brought to the session expectations of sexual gratification, even though no where have I communicated anything to support this expectation. During the massage they then wait with anticipation of receiving a service that is not offered, thereby creating tension for both parties. This defeats the very purpose of the massage.

Naturist Massage North London

The cost is £80 an hour and sessions are available for between 1 – 2 hours

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