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Declutter Your Home – Declutter Your Life


One way in which modern Western civilisation stands apart from other cultures around the world and throughout time is in how many material things we possess and accumulate in our homes. For much, if not a majority of the world’s population it is not commonplace to own so many material goods. The life of material abundance many of us now enjoy is to be embraced with gratitude but abundance for many has tipped over into becoming another dysfunctional process of holding onto things, hording out of fear which further and further detracts from and limits our experience in life. I have been in homes where it was literally difficult to move from one side of a room to another there was so much stuff.

Clutter is the modern term that has been coined for this accumulated stuff. Clutter is stuff that

  •  has ceased being useful

  •  is broken and discarded

  •  has been inherited with an obligation to retain

  •  is shrouded in thoughts of ‘I’ll keep it just in case (I might need it one day)’

…basically that which you no longer use and which does not fill you with feelings of love and joy. 


Clutter can be

  •  physical in nature such as old clothes, books, ornaments

  •  things received as presents that you never even liked

  •  empty bottles or numerous duplicates of the same thing, such as cleaning products

  •  old food products in the kitchen cupboard

  •  visible or hidden away in a loft, a cabinet, under a bed or on top of a wardrobe

  •  old photos, such as those of previous partners, and other mementos, which keep you tied to a past long dead

  •  or non-physical, such as the electronic clutter of emails and other documents

Clutter can also be something you love and enjoy, or need, but which is stored in a disorderly manner, such as paperwork strewn all over an office space.

Retention of things beyond what we really need or love is always based in fear and neglect. If you look with an open heart you will find that much of what you own is clutter. When you decide you wish to begin to change the way you live, it is always wonderful, easy and practical to start with clearing out your physical possessions.


I have experienced, both personally and in others a great joy that is felt when sorting and letting go of stuff. I have heard people say they were so surprised that throwing things away could give them so much more joy than actually acquiring them in the first place! It is like liberating yourself, and in truth it is.

With each item you own you must evaluate how you feel about it. You always know the truth. Can you live without it? Would you know if it was no longer there?

How Does Clutter Affect Your Health & Your Life?


The possession of material items generally makes us feel safe, secure and comfortable. Our minds crave this. However, our deeper consciousness does not. Everything we own, whether it is in our awareness or not, takes up space and energy in our consciousness. It is like having dozens of programs running in the background of your computer which gradually slows down its performance. Each thing we collect and hold on to is connected to us, as if by a cord. Our real selves wish to fly in life but possessions (which in affect come to possess us) weigh us down like the sandbags on an air balloon. If you look to all spiritual traditions there is always the giving up of material possessions, so the aspirant may travel lightly through life. It is not necessary to adopt such harsh measures in this time – except with clutter.

While we hold on to old things there is no space for anything new to come into our lives. So when we want change we need to make space. This is true universally, of both the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual realms, though of course they are really all one. It involves an element of trust, the giving up of something, for we always fear we will then be without. However, it always happens that something else, usually something better comes into our lives after an act of letting go.

When you live with clutter over the years you stop being aware of its affect on you. However, go into someone else’s home, that is cluttered, and feel what it is like. Obviously there are wildly differing degrees of clutter and I have known some to be very orderly in their storage of clutter. But usually it creates an atmosphere that is stagnant and heavy, a space that makes you feel the same way. Clutter silently saps your energy. Naturally this will affect your health, especially when there is major clutter in your sleeping space. I have known people to loose weight after clearing out a significant amount of stuff, and to experience increased energy levels and mental and emotional clarity.

Generally, the clutter of possessions keeps you tied to the past, in one way or another, acting as an anchor. This will detrimentally affect your purpose in life and your day to day performance physically, mentally and emotionally.

Clutter & Feng Shui


In my work, clutter clearing cannot be divorced from Feng Shui. The practices go hand in hand and both work to harmonise the flow of energy, of love, happiness and fulfillment in a person’s life – though clutter clearing naturally must precede Feng Shui application. Feng Shui is the ancient art of harmonising your living space in order to harmonise all areas of your life. The general area of your living space can be seen as a blueprint, with different parts corresponding to the different areas of the inhabitants life. Often, the area of a person’s life that is most problematic is the one in the home which is most cluttered.

De-Cluttering and Spiritual Development


Clutter Clearing is not a simple process that exists in a void, without reference to the person or people who live in that space. The physical space of the home is a very real, direct and clear representation, in the world, of the owner’s inner life. How they think and feel will be shown by how they live. So by engaging with a person’s space I am engaging with all parts of them as a being. Indeed, to change the home will bring changes in the owner’s personality, but it also works the other way in that changes must be made in their inner world also, in how they feel and think. This begins a process of self enquiry, of delving beneath the surface to discovery who they really are.

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