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I offer a range of styles of massage in Eastbourne. I have been practicing for over 15 years now and am skilled in a wide selection of techniques, making me adaptable and intuitive in my approach. So whatever your needs or wishes, I may be able to help – whether this be a therapeutic and remedial massage to reduce muscular pain and tension, massage to calm and balance your emotions and thoughts, or massage simply for the joy of it, and to let go of the world for while.


I approach and treat each client holistically, meaning that I consider all aspects of each client uniquely which allows for a more effective treatment. This often includes elements of counselling or coaching and I may also suggest other complementary avenues of working together too.

Massage is a wonderfully beneficial experience, for all parts of ourselves. Though sometimes it may reveal pain and limitation in the body, the reduction and clearing of this restriction is a liberating and deeply satisfying feeling. Massage is always a very enjoyable and pleasurable experience, and serves as a reminder to us that there is much joy to be had in this life, if we so choose it.

In many cultures, regular massage is an integral part of daily life and health care. Regular massage offers time out from our busy lives to re-tune our bodies and ourselves, and to re-connect to ourselves.

Massage Has Many Benefits –


On a physical level

Massage helps to reduce muscular tension, to lengthen muscle fibres that have become shortened and stuck together, and to re-balance muscle groups and overall posture. It clears out waste from the very cells of the body and helps to improve the flow and overall circulation in the body, in particular of oxygen and nutrients. In a nutshell it improves the effectiveness of the organs and systems of the physical body.

On a psychological level

Massage calms an over-active mind. It has a very clearing effect, not just physically but mentally too, so excessive thoughts of worry, and over stimulation of the thinking process in general is calmed and balanced by massage. This makes you clearer, sharper and more focused when putting your mind to use in work or any other capacity.

On an emotional level

Massage helps to ground the emotions, meaning that by its nature massage brings attention back into the physical body, and by association to the emotions too. It helps to increase awareness of how you feel, and to balance your emotional state at any time. This helps to clear feelings of fear, depression, anxiety, sadness, loss, anger, and to open the space for feelings of peace, contentment, enjoyment and acceptance. This makes life more manageable and enjoyable.

Below are some of the most popular massage therapies I offer in Eastbourne Old Town –

Deep Tissue Massage

This popular and effective western massage style is wonderful at reducing muscular tension, stiffness and pain. Using the medium of a massage cream, the slow strokes work physically deeply into the muscles and connective tissue, helping to free up your muscles, joints and also clear out troublesome thoughts and emotions. It is deeply relaxing.

Sports Massage

Very similar in nature and technique to Deep Tissue Massage, this therapeutic massage is effective in alleviating muscular and postural imbalances, restoring the body to balance after injury, and offering maintenance for sports people. It uses more mobilisations and stretches than Deep Tissue Massage and they work very well together.

Thai Yoga Massage

This now popular eastern massage is wonderfully opening and balancing and can be used to address any number of conditions, not just those limited to the muscular. This is because it works with the energy channels and points in the body, very similar in theory to those used in acupuncture. This massage is given with the recipient fully clothed, on a futon mat on the floor. It combines acupressure work along the energy lines with dynamic applied stretching. This opens up the body tremendously and is particularly beneficial for office based people whose bodies suffer with poor posture and lack of movement.

Shiatsu Massage

This is the Japanese form of the eastern acupressure massage, similar in style to Thai Massage, though based on an expanded and modified system of Chinese meridians. It is given fully clothed, on the floor, and is effective in treating a wide range of conditions. Its aim is to balance the flow of energy in the body so is not limited to treating just musculo-skeletal problems but is very efficient in this respect too. It is beneficial in treating a wide range of physical complaints as well as emotional and psychological imbalance.


Though it can be applied to the hands, face and ears also, this is generally applied to the feet only. Reflexology is based on the principle that each part of the feet corresponds to a part of the body and this is laid out systematically as a ‘map’ of the feet. By applying pressure to these areas the body as a whole can be treated in whatever way is needed. I find it is highly effective in treating most conditions, whether they be physical, emotional or psychological in nature. Even musculo-skeletal conditions such as back pain can be successfully treated. This precise massage of the feet is deeply relaxing, soothing and calming and a valuable tool in overcoming many chronic and acute conditions.

Tui-Na Massage

This is the Chinese version of the Oriental acupressure massage which is usually taken fully clothed. It is somewhat different in style to Thai Massage and Shiatsu, using brisk movements that work deeply into the muscles and acupressure points. Through the activation of the acupressure points, many conditions can be treated, muscular and otherwise. It is both relaxing and invigorating and valuable in clearing muscular tension.

Based in Eastbourne Old Town, my massage services are accessible with minimal travel from –

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