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My Work & What I Offer

Through massage and bodywork, and the soothing, nurturing quality of touch it offers, I intend to bring balance, peace and rejuvenation to your body, your mind and spirit. It can often kindle a new lease of life in a person that feels exhausted, in pain, stressed or anxious.


Being the physical creatures that we are, touch, and therapeutic touch in particular, are so fundamental to maintaining our health, and to restoring health where illness has developed. In my work with people and their bodies, I see no limitation in how massage and bodywork may help to bring about integration and transformation – whatever the physical condition of your body, mind or emotions. This translates as more ease, freedom and peace in your body – and less tension, pain and fear.

I wish also to offer soothing touch in the non-physical sense of being met, accompanied and accepted for who you are, by another, in that moment. This means you will have the space and freedom from judgement (from another) and may relax and feel comfortable for whoever you are. People often reveal to me parts of themselves they rarely do to others, and this is an honour for me. It is where the healing occurs, for when we reveal the truth of ourselves, we will release the mental tension of having to constantly assert and present our version of ourselves, and this then allows our faithful bodies to relax and rest.

I work according to your needs and wishes. But as is the case with life in general, the more open, willing and receptive you are, naturally the more you will gain from a session. So it really comes down to where you place your attention. What are you inviting? Do you wish to truly offer yourself to change? Its okay if you do not – massage and bodywork will still be deeply beneficial to you –

its just the unknown potential will be left untouched.

Transforming Consciousness


The hands on part of my work is just one aspect of what I offer. What I offer is not just a passive fix up on the race course of life, but increasingly I find myself in the role of educator, encouraging and supporting a change in consciousness of those I work with. This means a change in how we perceive, receive and respond to the world – this is healing. Healing is change, change is transformation and transformation leads to the evolution of our consciousness. This is growth and growth is the nature of life for us, try as we may to slow it down by putting the brakes on.

During sessions I wish to engage with you verbally, bringing awareness to parts of yourself you may not have considered, and making suggestions for how you may live differently, particularly in relation to your body. You may see it as a form of coaching or psychotherapy. It is about discovering who we really are – not our idea of who we are.

It is a strange thing not to know who one is and why one does what one does. An expansion in our awareness of ourselves is empowerment, and this then beckons for self responsibility. This may be a frightening prospect for most of us, one we prefer to avoid, but it is the only path to improving the quality of our lives, those of others and of the earth itself. It is uplifting. For me too. You will feel better with, in and about your life, and life in general.

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Shamanic Energy Healing by

Jag Lysander Reeves

London, Eastbourne, UK & Worldwide

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