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Reiki Healing North London


The intention behind all forms of massage and bodywork is to harmonise and strengthen the flow of energy in the body, meaning both the physical body and the other less tangible aspects of our body and being. Reiki healing is an approach that works more on the unseen, non-physical or energetic parts of ourselves. It is these energetic systems that form a blueprint for our physical body.


Therefore, when there is illness in the physical body, the mind or the emotions, it is the deeper aspects of ourselves, our energy bodies and our consciousness that must be engaged with to bring about balance within the physical.

Reiki healing is now a universally established system for simple and effective hands on healing, that has no limitations on when, where or how it may be exchanged between people for the benefit of all. In all traditions of healing, energy is the basic component of creation for everything, whether a human body, a car, a plant, a thought or a feeling. Therefore, working to harmonise a flow of energy can bring benefit to all aspects of a person as there is ultimately no differentiation between the parts that exist only within our minds.

How Reiki Healing May Help You

Reiki healing may help to bring compassionate comfort, support and rejuvenation where ever there is pain, suffering and isolation. It can help with all matters related to physical symptoms of distress, as well as equally to emotional and psychological pain. A tender, healing touch can bring warmth, peace and ease in times of crisis, guiding us into flowing with the changes we need to make in order to restore balance. Reiki healing creates a space for grounding and connecting back into the earth, our bodies and ourselves.

My style of working with Reiki often incorporates some bodywork, such as working with acupressure points and meridians. This is alongside the traditional work with the aura (the energy field surrounding your physical body) and the energy centres of the chakras. Along with working with your physical and energy bodies, I wish to engage with you, verbally, so you may be fully active in your own process of healing.

Whenever we experience pain, contraction and limitation, whether in our bodies, minds or lives, there is always a part of ourselves that is causing this, through our ideas, beliefs and fears. Throughout a session of Reiki I will guide you into discovering for yourself the truth that you may not see for yourself or have indeed denied and resisted. It is the delusion and control stemming from this that cause the pain and contraction. Often, if not always, it is the embracing and accepting of the simple truth of ourselves that brings healing and change. This will empower you and encourage you to take responsibility for making the changes necessary to opening the way for joy and ease to return. This will bring lasting change to your life.

Chakra Balancing & Healing

As part of a Reiki London healing session I will often incorporate work to harmonise the flow of energy within a person's chakras. This is known as Chakra Balancing or Chakra Healing. The chakras are major energy centres within a human energy body that spin and flow like a vortex, both projecting out into the environment and also receiving energy and information from it. They are energy stations of our consciousness, and each one relates to a different aspect of our being.

Learning Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a simple and practical way to begin working with energy. It can be learnt quickly and easily and is a wonderful way to uplift others. Reiki can often be a doorway into a more service oriented, spiritual way of life, and an attunement can initiate changes within a person's being. It can begin a wondrous path of evolution for those wishing for such things. 

Reiki Healing In London

Sessions are available online via Skype or on the phone, for 1 – 2 hours.

The cost is £80 an hour. This includes an additional 5 – 10 minutes consultation time.

24 hours notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling otherwise the full fee is charged.

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