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How I Can Help You With Shamanic Healing -

Where Are You Currently With Your Self & Your Life?

Are you feeling stuck much of the time, within a loop of anxiety, depression, addiction, low self worth, forever chasing an elusive happiness?

Are you feeling trapped within the circumstances of your own life that just seem to perpetuate themselves?

Or perhaps you are going through a period of crisis in which everything you have known previously is beginning to crumble and fall away and you are feeling lost, without direction and struggling to hold things together?

Are you ready to start to look at your life differently so you may find a way out of current struggle, pain and suffering?

Many people I work with have been locked into a difficult situation for some time - this is either long term in which they have only ever known personal struggle, addiction and pain in life - or it can be with certain aspects of life, in which outwardly their lives seem to be working well yet inside of themselves, with certain areas of life, emotionally and psychologically they are struggling. 

The other common situation I see is one in which an individual may have been reasonably content with their lives and previously saw no reason to explore their lives with any depth and then, within a space of time everything starts to change and stop working; the certainities of life are no longer secure, and they find themselves in crisis. 

My work is to guide and support people through this crisis and subsequent transformation. The core intention in this work is to bring you, step by step, into a place of possibility and aliveness where peace and freedom begin to emerge as a daily reality. 

The Process - 

All Shamanic healing work has a fluid, intuitive and spontaneous quality to it. In each meeting we are working with whatever presents itself at that time. The tools I use in this engagement can be varied and include shamanic counselling, numerology chart readings, tarot, energy work - either hands on or remotely - and bodywork. The illumination of psychological and emotional patterns is a core part of the work, so that these bindings may be brought to light and then dissolved.

Shamanic Counselling - 

Much of the healing work willl involve shamanic counselling, similar in ways to western psychotherapeutic counselling and psychotherapy though with many differences too. One aspect of this is feeling into what is really going on, beneath the surface, on an energetic level. What this means is that the issue that someone will present with will never be the actual issue in reality, and can often be a smokescreen or avoidance of facing the truth. This is a process of unearthing what is really going on - with the illumination comes the potential for change. This bypasses the need to continually talk around the subject and instead goes straight to the heart of the matter.

Shamanic Healing Eastbourne

Sessions are available for 1 – 2 hours, in person or via Skype / phone.

The cost is £80 an hour. 

24 hours notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling otherwise the full fee is charged.

To book a session of Shamanic Healing in Eastbourne, East Sussex

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Shamanic Energy Healing by

Jag Lysander Reeves

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