Natural, Simple & Effective Verruca Treatment & Wart Removal

As part of my work to support change, healing and the improvement of our health, here is a little account for a practical method that I have recently discovered which works wonderfully to remove warts and verrucas. I have seen it work with warts and verrucas on the hands and feet and have been so excited with its effectiveness that I am moved to write it and share it. I know how ugly and troublesome these pesky little viruses can be and how they may affect a person’s confidence, but there is no reason anyone should suffer with them in the long term.

I am continuously amazed and dumbfounded by the means employed by the medical establishment to remove simple warts and verrucas. The elaborate, costly and painful techniques of freezing, using liquid nitrogen, surgical removal, application of a myriad of harmful chemicals, and other bizarre processes I may be unaware of, often do not work and sometimes aggravate the body and virus which makes the wart or verruca grow and spread, creating a worse situation. Even when these methods work they are time consuming, invasive and painful. It is another symptom of a society and a culture that has lost its connection with the earth and its medicine.

A common, everyday ingredient in our food, Garlic, in my experience has the power to knock out warts and verrucas, depending on their size, often within a couple of weeks. If you are dealing with a larger one, or a cluster, it may need a little extra time and persistence but it will still fall to your intent. There are many other natural approaches to treating warts and verrucas – but I know, from experience, that Garlic works tremendously well.

There is however one factor that contributes to the efficiency of the Garlic treatment, and that is timing. It cannot be applied randomly, but in tune with the cycles of the Moon. Now I know that this may raise doubts and objections in some readers who may consider our prevalent scientific medical model to be the only purveyor of health wisdom and who scoff at anything ‘new age’. But the only practical question for you to ask yourself – especially if you have tried the accepted medical cures and have met with failure and/or created a mess – is, are you willing to try something new? Are you willing to step beyond the confines of your belief systems and experiment with something new, as a true scientist would? This may show up your limitations – will you be willing to try something new that may not be in line with your usual thinking?

For most of history, all traditional cultures before our modern industrial society have lived in line with the Moon and Earth, and even now, in many areas of life, we acknowledge the power the Moon has on the planet, notably on the oceans, seas and other bodies of water, including our own.

Of course, some of you reading this will have no trouble in giving this a go, particularly if your desire to rid yourself of the nasty wart or verruca is much greater than any doubt surrounding the technique.

The Process –

Treat the wart or verruca only during the waning moon. This is the 2 week period following the full moon (you can find out easily on-line where the moon is in its cycle). The time of the waning moon supports cleansing and detoxification so is good for treating these types of condition. Treatment applied during the waxing moon can potentially have the opposite effect and make the wart or verruca worse.

Every night before bed take a small slice of fresh garlic, large enough only to cover the wart or verruca, place it on it and cover with a plaster to hold it in place until the morning. The garlic will cause the surrounding healthy skin to peel and possibly discolour, so if you have a wart in a conspicuous place, like on a finger, and you wish to minimise any visible damage you may want to first use a second plaster, cut a hole in it, large enough only to expose the wart or verruca and use this to protect the surrounding healthy skin. Then hold the garlic in place with the second plaster. Remove in the morning and continue until the New Moon, then discontinue treatment regardless of how its going. If you need to continue, do so from the day after the next Full Moon.

And that’s it! Persevere and you will witness the little rascal gradually diminish, especially with each peeling of skin. So simple! Give it a go and be rid of your unwanted and unsightly hitchhiker.

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