Eric Pearl Talks About Reconnective Healing – An Interview

During this last week I was offered the opportunity to interview Eric Pearl, the originator of Reconnective Healing. He is in London this week to teach. Now I couldn’t turn down such an opportunity when it had fallen into my lap from out of the blue…

The following is a transcript of the bulk of our interview. But before that, a few practical details for anyone interested in attending the seminar, this weekend in London.

Eric Pearl will be teaching a Level I/II seminar in Reconnective Healing, this coming weekend of 21st-23rd September, at

The Kia Oval • Surrey County Cricket Club • London • SE11 5SS

You can find details on his website at

JR – What is the Reconnection?

EP – Well, the Reconnection appears to be a way of reconnecting with our original fullness as the human beings that we are, that essence, that, often if you talk with someone who’s had a life after death experience they report experiencing that peace, that centeredness, that love. Its allowing us to connect to the spirit and essence that we are, and allowing us to experience that while we’re here in physical form.

Sometimes, when people come out of their Reconnection session or their Reconnective Healing session they report that they weren’t awake and they weren’t asleep but they were somewhere much more real.

JR – So what does healing mean to you?

EP – Well, I’m not in love with the word healing because it seems to imply we always have to get better from something. Regaining the use of an arm or a leg. Healing is really much more than that. Its our evolution. See, the body doesn’t heal the way we’ve been taught. You know, we’ve been taught that the body heals through chemicals or bio-chemicals and that bio-chemical model that used to be taught to us in medical schools and such is pretty much considered today to be dead, to be obsolete. We now know that the body heals through frequency, vibration, resonance, information, entrainment, energy, and light. Light explains things, for example that the chemical model couldn’t explain. The chemical model couldn’t explain for instance how something can happen to one part of the body and immediately affect another part of the body. Light waves explain that concept. And light has a lot to do with healing.

For example well first of all we know there is a concept we speak about in physics called entropy and entropy is generally the tendency for things to break down, to degenerate, to age, for wood to become splinters, for people to age, ashes to ashes dust to dust or systems to break down, and what increases entropy is speed. So for instance if you take two public buses and you run one around town at a higher speed it will break down faster than one that’s driven at normal speed. But what’s interesting is that we know that today from the work of Dr. William Tiller, who’s a professor emeritus from Stanford university and an author of maybe a dozen books and maybe 350 scientific papers. He’s famous among other things for something that sounds complicated but its simple. Its called the Tiller Einstein model of negative entropy. Which simply means, Tiller means Tiller and Einstein means Einstein and model means its a model and negative entropy means the opposite of entropy and in other words what he discovered is that once we reach the speed of light, entropy reverses itself – degeneration becomes regeneration, disorganisation becomes reorganisation, disease becomes healing or ease.

What is interesting about light is obviously we know nothing would live on the planet without light, without the sun. We know that again people who have their life after death experiences talk about returning to that light and recognising it as the home that we all come from. But we also know today that light is no longer just the spiritual, only a spiritual concept. We know that we are light from scientific work from the research of Dr Fritz Popp inGermanyand others who are continuing his work that in every cell the DNA emits specific levels of light. That when our health is diminishing that light is measurably dimming. When our health is coming back up that light is coming back up. And what happens with Reconnective Healing is that it takes us beyond energy, energy healing techniques, energy healing such as Reiki, Johrei, the old and new techniques that we have, into a spectrum of energy light and information, aspects of light and information that many researchers and masters and grand master teachers in the energy healing techniques feel haven’t been here before, they haven’t seen before in their studies, their research or their experience and they feel that that is what allows for the healings, in the Reconnective Healing to be so very distinctly different than just energy healing.

I mean the energy healing techniques that we know of people feel warm, they feel relaxed, they have mild healing but with Reconnective Healings tend to be fairly instantaneous and they tend to be life long, and the theory about how they evolve is that when we interact with this new spectrum, this more comprehensive spectrum then energy, when we interact with the light of it, that light entrains with us and when something entrains, like when two musical instruments entrain and begin to vibrate at the higher level for example, when this light entrains with us, something goes off inside of us and you could say figuratively speaking a voice goes off that says ‘hey, I remember this, this is me vibrating healthy, this is me vibrating as light. I think I’ll do it again’. And when they return to that natural vibration of light, anything heavier, anything denser than light, which tends to include pretty much most of our health challenges, has pretty much nothing left to hold on to. So if appropriate for that person, and as appropriate for that person on their life path, that density, that health challenge just sort of falls away. And if we take nothing else home from this interview today lets take home these next two sentences.

Which are; A – healing is just that simple and; B – anything more complicated than that, techniques, rituals, wands, crystals, tap tap tap, aromas, all those things, anything more complicated than that is really designed to sell us something. Now, what its designed to sell us on is fear, lack and limitation. The fear that we are not enough, the fear that we are not safe, the fear that we might take something on, the fear that we need something added to us, but the reality is that healing does not reside in fear, lack, limitation, the illusion of separation or darkness. Healing resides in love, oneness and unity, prosperity and abundance. and we have to learn to step into our own abundance to recognise that we are enough. Not only are we enough but we are abundantly 100% if we step up into this to provide the healings in our natural step without needing things added to us.

JR – It makes a lot of sense to me.

EP – Logic is a funny thing isn’t it?

JR – It is. Related to healing, how do you think people perceive healing and how do our egos get in the way of healing?

EP – I didn’t like the word healing because it makes it seem always as if we have to get better from something. We talked about how the body heals, now for a moment lets add one other part to this picture before we tie that question together. Our brains don’t work the way we were taught. Remember the old movies and old medical things that would show you the model of the brain and would have circles around different areas – they would say this area is for memory and this area is for learning, and this for speech and this for this, this is for that. We know today from the work of certain doctors that that model is also obsolete. We know that the information in our brains is diffused throughout our brains and we also access it from a field of information that today science calls the Zero Point Field.


JR – So there is no technique? In the seminar you are simply accessing…

EP – There is no technique. The entire concept is to transcend technique, to learn how to feel, how to recognise and just be that light, be that healing.

JR – Okay, so its very much a meditative space of giving up any idea of anything?

EP – Yes, and without having to meditate. You are listening with a different sense. You are feeling, you are tuning in, you’re listening without any technique whatsoever. To the degree to which we are willing to transcend our techniques that’s what allows us to truly master the healing. You know, maybe what I should do is I should give you a touch of the background story so people can understand a little more about how it came about.

I practiced as a doctor of chiropractic for 12 years, when one night a few strange things happened. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a bright light. I opened my eyes to see what it was and it wasn’t anything that seemed to be spiritual or metaphysical just the lamp next to my bed, it somehow turned itself on. But I also felt as if there were people in my house, and so strongly that I actually got up with a knife and a can of pepper spray and my Doberman pincher and went hunting through the house to see who was there. I couldn’t find anyone. I convinced myself it had to be my imagination and I went back to bed. But that Monday when I went in to my office 7 of my patients insisted that they were feeling people in the rooms at my office with us, the way I’d been feeling people in my home. Some said people were standing, others said walking or running. Two of my patients actually looked me straight in the eye and said it felt as if somebody was flying around the ceiling. Now I had practiced at that point for 12 years and no one had said anything like that to me before so you would think that this would have got my attention.

But other patients who at the same time were saying to me I can feel your hands before you touch me and of course I didn’t believe them so I had them lie down on the chiropractic table on their backs with their eyes closed and I held my hands anywhere up to a meter, sometimes several meters away from them, angled in different directions and they could tell me which way my palm was facing. Towards their feet, towards their shoulders. As I would do this I would see tiny little involuntary muscles begin to ripple in their face pulling at their eye brows, pulling at their lips, their fingers, their feet would move, their breathing would change, eyes would rapidly dart back and forth. When they opened their eyes they would tell me they were seeing colours that they had never seen before They were smelling fragrances of flowers they had never before smelt. And that’s when they started reporting healings, real healings. They were getting up out of wheelchairs some of them, visions and hearing returning, children with cerebral palsy or epilepsy were able to walk and run and play, not have seizures any longer, not need their medications Their parents would call, the doctors would call, they’d say what did you do, and I’d say I didn’t do anything and don’t tell anybody which went over about as big as the American government trying to just say no to drugs, you know.

So soon people started coming in from everywhere, going I’ll have what she had and the next thing we know people started asking me to teach this. And I said you got to be crazy, how do you teach something like this, I’m standing waving my hands in the air looking like an idiot so you go out and wave your hands in the air and let me know what your neighbours have to say about it. Yet my patients would call me up when they got home from my office, they’d say I just drove home and pulled up in front of my house and before I could hit the little button inside my car door to open the automatic garage door it would open by itself. Or I walked inside the house and my lamp and my TV started turning itself on and off and on and off. I felt sensations in my hands, I would hold my hands near somebody in my family and my grandfather could walk again after this stroke, my uncle regained his vision or hearing. That’s when we began to find that once we interact with the Reconnective healing spectrum, it doesn’t matter whether we had no experience in healing at all, or whether we are masters or grand masters, we all rise to a new level, the same level. It changes something within us, physically, physiologically, biologically, that allows us to not only access our own healings but to facilitate healings for other people.

JR – That’s quite incredible. Given your background and what some people would call this mystical experience of awakening and these things just happening through you, people can then go to your seminars and the same thing can happen to them, the same healings can occur through them after a 2 day seminar?

EP – You know, for the first two years, I think I used to worry, I was afraid that not everyone would be able to learn it but after all these years of teaching it I have yet to find anyone who has not been able to access this work just within a weekend. Something happens and we step beyond the need for knowledge, you know, steps, and procedures and techniques, into a state of knowingness and that state of knowingness that allows us to glow and vibrate the healings by our very nature.


JR – So at your seminars you show people how to access this place within themselves but then after that point you don’t want them to be dependant on you, and there is no dependence on you as the guru who transmits the frequencies?

EP – Oh god no, I’m no guru. Believe me. We teach you how to feel this, how to find it, and how to facilitate it for others and then you go out and do it. Its your responsibility to take charge of what you want to do. No, I don’t think anyone could confuse me with a guru.

JR – You don’t give that impression.

EP – People say to me sometimes, you know, why do you think this was you who it started coming through and I say I really have no idea. I don’t think I would have selected me. I know my life and I like to go out and have too many drinks, maybe have abundant parties. I can have a sarcastic sense of humour. I’m not as patient as I would like to be, I don’t plan on giving up all of my worldly goods and walking around the planet with a cane and a loin cloth. I mean, I just wouldn’t have picked me. I just don’t think that I would have. But as I kept getting that question I would think about it and I thought, well, two things come to mind. A, clearly somehow I am able to take a topic and talk about it in a way where the world will listen and at least entertain the potential of this. Secondly, people who well, we’re all so busy trying to become worthy enough and spiritual enough and good enough to become healers for example and you can look at me and you can say, god, if he can do it then I can certainly do it. And it sounds funny and yet the reality is that’s probably a huge part of the gift, if you can see the weaknesses, the human weaknesses in another person who can definitely do this, then we can learn to accept our own and realise that we don’t have to become perfect in the human eye to become spiritual enough to be a healer.

Now the book that I’ve written is called The Reconnection – Heal Others Heal Yourself and its in over 36 languages. So far I’ve trained about 70,000 something people how to do this work. A good 20% of them are mainstream healthcare practitioners, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, so this is in hospitals and is in private practice. Maybe about another 30% of them are masters and grand masters in energy healing who recognise that techniques become our glass ceiling of limitation and come to learn to transcend technique itself.

But the other 50% are the mainstream, the people who say something that makes sense I’ll come in and listen, say something else that makes sense and I’ll engage you in conversation and really its easiest to train people who have no background in healing whatsoever because there is the least amount there to unlearn, to let go of.

JR – So somebody who comes of the street, they do the 2 day seminar and then they’re away, they can start using it?

EP – Yes, they can start using it on Monday, Sunday night.

JR – Okay. So is there, without wanting to get stuck with processes and techniques, a developmental scale of people returning to do more training?

EP – You know, I would tell you that a lot of people will come back and take the seminar a second time. Basically, because they really just enjoyed it so much. They really just enjoyed it so much but what they say is that each time they take it it seems to be a different seminar. and I will tell you, yes of course there is a lot of variation because it is not a scripted seminar although you know all this, the points in the teaching, is brought out in each one. But the other thing is the first time we take it we’re so focused on having to get it right, we listen on one level. And the second time we take it we’re a little more relaxed and we hear things on another level.


J.R. – Why do you do this work? What about it makes you so passionate and what brings you joy from doing this work?

E.P. – That’s a great question. I have to and I don’t mean I have to, I’m forced to in a negative way, I’m mean I have to, I’m compelled to, I feel as if I’ve been given an opportunity to do something that is more, its a responsibility to do it but I don’t like that word because it has baggage to it. Its an opportunity to do something I’m compelled to do. You know, you can look at it this way. What are the two worse case scenarios? Lets say I die and go to heaven or wherever we go, at the pearly gates and St Peter or whoever is there and finds my name in a book and looks me up and says hmmm Eric Pearl, you led a lot of people down a very foolish path, you need to go back and live your life over 600 times. Not very exciting. But here comes the second worse case possibility. I show up, they find my name, Eric Pearl, Eric Pearl, Eric Pearl, we gave you an opportunity to do something, to bring about a change in consciousness that might have ripple effects throughout the world, maybe throughout the universe, maybe throughout eternity and you didn’t do it. Because you was afraid. And you see, that was the answer I couldn’t live with. So I have to do it. I have to do it. And yes, its my passion, its my love, and sometimes for some people I am too strong about it because I recognise that there’s a way out of the maya that we live in and of what we have been saddled with, believing that we needed and had to do in the healing world and there’s simply a way out of it. And here it is.

J.R. – Fabulous. You do communicate a strong, for want of a better word, belief and self belief in what you do and love of what you do.

E.P. – You know what, Jag, if this happened to you, you would be just as strong, there’s no doubt, when something like this happens there’s no denying it, you would be just as strong, I promise you.

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