13 Moons of Transformation – A Spiritual Development Course

The Emerald Heart Light

– 13 Moons of Transformation –

Welcome to the 13 Moons Course. A 12 month journey of Spiritual Transformation, commencing on the New Moon at the Spring Equinox, 20th March 2015.

An online and experiential Journey delivered by email, offering you Heart opening opportunities and True Inner Transformation, for the Spiritual Seeker who leads a busy life.

Inner change and transformation is all about finding the hidden beauty and potential within you. As the Light peels away the inner layers, you may begin to really understand why you are here in this lifetime, or what is blocking you from your true flowering. You may begin to see patterns of self-sabotage and start to overcome them as your vibration rises and your chakras begin to glow with light. You may connect with your deepest longings, your life purpose and your true potential.

The Universe will pour the light into you each month with a new essence of ‘Liquid Light.’ Each bottle will last you around 28 days. There are 13 bottles of Liquid Light in all, one for each New Moon! Many people have experienced profound transformation after just one bottle, imagine what the Universe has in store for you with 13? It will be the most amazing journey.

Dynamic, Simple, Effective

This brilliantly simple but powerful course has been given by The Guides of The Emerald Heart Light through Spiritual Teacher, David Ashworth. It is especially suitable for those who lead busy lives and think that they don’t have time for spiritual work. You only need a few seconds a day to enter into this journey, it is so easy.

Many people think that you can’t bring about deep change within yourself without working very hard and dedicating a lot of time to your spiritual path. This is not true. The Universe doesn’t expect you to sit in a cave with a Guru for 30 years any longer, as there isn’t enough time! We need to awaken now! Therefore, The Guides of The Emerald Heart Light offer us a one year Spiritual Journey, working with the natural power of 13 Moon Cycles to bring you transformation. You won’t have to wait long to feel the inner changes. You may even feel it in your heart as you read this information. Once the Liquid Light reaches your heart, you may feel some movement within the first few days, and most certainly within the first month.

Themes and Guidance for Change

Each New Moon you will receive Guidance and a Target of how the Light will work.

For example:

The first Moon will be Inner Cleansing

The Second Moon will be Preparation

The Third Moon will begin to open you deeper.

The 13 Features

♥ This is an Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment Course.

♥ Suitable for absolute beginners to advanced spiritual students.

♥ Created and given especially for those who lead very busy lives.

♥ Given through Guidance, this Spiritual Development course is simplicity itself.

♥ You only need a minimum of a few seconds a day to bring the Light into your heart.

♥ If you spend a little more time, then your transformation will be even deeper.

♥ You will work with A New High Vibrational Liquid Light Essence each month.

♥ You will work with The Earth Mother, Divine Feminine Energies.

♥ You will work with the Heavenly Father, Divine Masculine Energies.

♥ You will work with the gentle Feminine Power of the Moon.

♥ You will be bathed in the Light of the Emerald Heart through 13 moon cycles

♥ There are 8 Teachers in 6 countries, speaking 6 languages offering support.

♥ Plus, it is amazing value with a minimum investment!

The 13 Benefits

♥ This is a True Spiritual Development Journey.

♥ It will open your heart.

♥ It will expand your consciousness.

♥ It offers the possibility of deep, inner transformation.

♥ You will learn to understand and feel the power of Light.

♥ You will experience Shamanic Connections with the Earth Mother Kingdom.

♥ You will receive one bottle of High Vibrational ‘Liquid Light’ each lunar cycle.

♥ There will be 4 opportunities to experience Emerald Heart Light Transmissions.

♥ Each Transmission, the Light will take you deeper.

♥ You will be offered mantras and meditations to deepen your experience.

♥ As your heart opens, you will see the deeper truth of who you really are.

♥ You may come face to face with your hidden potential.

♥ A Private Facebook Page to share your experience with others on the course.

13 Moons of Transformation – Course Content

Your Spiritual Journey begins at the first New Moon at the Spring Equinox, March 20th 2015.

♥ You will be guided through 13 Moon periods on a path of transformation by David Ashworth, The Elders and The Guides of The Emerald Heart Light.

♥ You will be guided to observe two Spiritual Laws. If you follow these to the letter, then you will absolutely experience change, inner transformation and an opening heart.

♥ You will experience a new and different High Vibrational bottle of ‘Liquid Light’ each New Moon for all 13 moons, from Spring Equinox 2015 to Spring Equinox 2016.

♥ The combination of the Liquid Light and the Emerald Heart Light is a process that we have used for over 15 years, bringing true spiritual transformation to thousands of people.

Just after each Full Moon, you will receive the guidance for the next New Moon Phase, containing the following -

♥ Guidance for the Period from David Ashworth (UK).

♥ A New Moon meditation from Elder, Yvonne Hrdy (Munich).

♥ Occasional further Guidance from the other Elders.

♥ A Target to focus your ‘Intent for Change’ for each moon period.

♥ Bonus Spiritual Lessons from time to time.

♥ A very powerful bottle of High Vibrational Liquid Light, which is a true Key of Transformation.

Starting Your Journey

You will begin to take the first bottle of Liquid Light on the Eve of the New Moon, 20th March 2015. It will last you roughly 28 days, taking you to the next New Moon. This means that you will have a highly focused new bottle of Liquid Light each New Moon for a whole 12 month period.

You will also receive a Target for Transformation for each Moon Period, so that you can set your intent. For example, the first Intent Target will be Inner Cleansing to prepare you to receive deeper light.

The ‘Liquid Light’ contains a vibration that is given directly through The Guides. This will begin to open your heart and your consciousness and push you through a process of inner change each moon period. Whenever you follow true Guidance, you will always get a result with inner change occurring.

Journal of Changes

You will receive guidance on how to keep a Journal of Changes to note your experiences.

You will also receive guidance on how to recognise and understand the subtle inner changes. You can then express these changes in your journal to look back on. As you look back, you will see how your vibration is changing as you learn to perceive the difference in vibration of the words you used previously. You will absolutely know that you are growing within.

Light Transmissions: You will also experience Light Transmissions at each Equinox and Solstice. The Light Transmission is open for three days over the period of the equinox and solstice. You will receive guidance in how to prepare yourself and experience the benefit from these.

Deepening Your Experience

There are 8 Teachers, speaking 6 languages in 6 countries who can offer individual support if you would like to deepen your experience. The teachers are all Elders of The Emerald Heart and highly experienced in many aspects of advanced spiritual concepts and work. They speak English, German, Dutch, Swedish, French and Spanish.

The Elders will be available for individual consultations, which are chargeable at their normal hourly rate.

The Universal Laws

You will be entering into The Emerald Heart Light process, which has a very long and successful track record of people choosing to connect into the Light for personal transformation. Some of our people have been with us for over 12 years and continue, each year, to unfold ever more into their own inner light.

The Teachings are based on Universal Laws and all you have to do is Trust the Process. As you learn to trust, your heart opens and more light is revealed to you.

Commencing the 13 Moons Spiritual Journey

When the course begins, you will receive teaching about how it all works in line with the Universal Laws. If you want to have a look at the Emerald Heart in the meantime, you can review our website and blog at the following address.

BLOG: www.emeraldheartlight.com WEB: www.emerald-heart.com

About David Ashworth

David is The Original Channel of The Emerald Heart Light and Founder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment. He is a well-known Spiritual Teacher of over 20 years and creator of some of the most amazing and advanced spiritual tools and concepts of our time. Author of 6 books, visionary, retreat leader, radio host and much, much more, David is always working at the cutting edge of spirituality and has the most wonderful ability to open people’s hearts with the Light that he carries.

About The Elders of The Emerald Heart

The Elders are all spiritual teachers in their own right. They have been called forth by the Universe to lend their amazing gifts to The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment. They have passed through many levels of deep inner transformation to be able to hold The Emerald Heart Light and bring it into the world through their highly developed hearts. For each Elder, there are many hundreds of people who could not walk this evolutionary path and you will find that their knowledge, experience and wisdom goes way beyond what most people have experienced in the world of healing and true spiritual development.

The Emerald Heart Light provides a true spiritual path for those who are ready to really unlock the hidden secrets of their hearts. If you feel ready for this journey, we welcome you and look forward to seeing you develop as the light opens your heart.

INVESTMENT in The Journey:

Your Investment is UK £598.00. Payable via bank transfer.

This investment includes all 13 bottles of Liquid Light, post and packaging.

Emailing Guidance for each Moon Period and everything else you will need.

You will receive all details of the course during February 2015.

With our Deepest Love and Blessings,

David and The Elders of The Emerald Heart

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