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Get Involved Before Your Next Massage in Finchley!

November 12, 2013

In the event you do have to rest after trauma subsequently make the commitment to your own knees and adopt the lunge. They soon get easier and it’ll not be long before you return to your sport feeling stronger, more secure and finally less prone to harm. Better still, at your next massage in Finchley we’ll have the ability to focus on deep relaxation and muscle lengthening. Say it that way, a couple of lunges do not seem so bad after all do they?



Treatment of Muscle Knots through Holistic Massage


At some point or another most people have sensed a knot lurking around the shoulders or back. Our natural reaction would be to give it a rub, which is our bodies’ way of telling us it is time for a massage in Finchley. Fortunately, many people have previously experienced that blissful feeling during a massage once the therapist finds the area. An uncontrollable impulse to yell ‘RIGHT THERE!’ subsides as your massage therapist in Finchley hones in around the place and starts to get to work.



But what is a knot? An explanation from your Finchley massage therapist


Working muscles need a good supply of blood to bring nutrients and oxygen to the muscles in order that they operate efficiently. If an area of the body is restricted in blood flow the muscle becomes limited. This implies the nutrients do not reach the muscle and waste products (for example Lactic Acid) build up in the muscle tissue rather than being disposed of naturally. At this time more Lactic Acid is generated and muscles become much more congested, causing and ultimately stiffening in distress. This really is the way the dreaded ‘knot’ is created.

Finchley massage accelerates the elimination of waste material and helps enhance the blood flow to the muscle. As amassage therapist in Finchley, I make use of numerous methods to get rid of a knot. Before deep tissue massage begins facia release will help loosen the muscle. For any deep tissue work it’s important that the body is calm and prepared to receive the therapy and that the Finchley massage therapist builds up to this gradually by warming and relaxing the muscles.



Holistic healing with your massage therapist in Finchley


As with all holistic massage, your massage therapist in Finchley will check in with you throughout the session to ensure you are comfortable with the degree of pressure used. There is a chance that it’ll be hard to remove in just one session as a knot may have been developed over a span of months or years. Remember, it is your treatment and therefore you need to feel confident in directing your Finchley massage therapist towards the right amount of pressure that feels great for you.

Whatever the technique used by your Finchley massage therapist, the aim is to lengthen the muscle fibres and ease the build-up of Lactic Acid in the muscle tissue so it may be released back into the body to be disposed of naturally. Which is just one reason why it is great to drink tons of water after your treatment. More water means more trips to the loo, which suggests you’ll remove the toxins out of your body more rapidly, aiding your body recover and restore its natural equilibrium.


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