Current Guidance From The Emerald Heart

Below is the latest guidance from David Ashworth and The Emerald Heart to help you prepare for the period ahead. To help align yourself with the current movements in the universe I suggest taking the essence for this period, Separation, which is available for purchase on the Emerald Heart Blog.

Guidance for October – December 2011

Around the first week of September I could feel that the Universe was getting ready to accelerate again, and that this would happen around the 28th September. I am usually telling you these things before the event, but what with our fantastic Autumn Equinox Retreat a Buckland Hall near Brecon, things were a little held up. However, my perception was bang on as usual! The energies began to hit us right on time, as a new series of Teachings began two days before this and the fire that illuminated me from the Universe was incredibly intense for over a week. Although that initial fire has abated a little, it is still there and what you might be feeling is that you have no choice but to push things forward.

In this period, up to the end of October, you may even feel like there is not enough time, for this type of acceleration allows you to feel how fast the Universe is really going. You may also feel anxious or edgy without knowing why. Again, this happens to those who are truly being pushed by the Universe. You might find yourself trying desperately to push projects forward or get things finished and also have a sense that you can’t get things done quickly enough. You may feel overwhelmed with life and its tasks.

The new moon of October 26th would be a good time to plant the seeds of new projects, but spend the time now in preparing things and even getting them going, but confirming them after the new moon.


The universe is really trying to finish things off at the moment too. It is pushing hard and deep into your consciousness to really help you to unlock the darkness that you need to leave behind. As we are already in the fast flow of Universal energies, you will already be in certain processes and the power of the Universe will be desperately trying to pull you through these so that they can be laid to rest before the New Year. Yes, here we are already talking about the New Year and that is where I am looking into the Universe right at this moment. We are entering a hurricane of energy that will try its hardest to awaken you to the truth of your reality. To the truth of who you really are, for when we pass into the New Year, the Universe will be starting to look the other way. Rather than looking back towards us from its leading position and encouraging us to move as fast as we can, it will have to begin to look forwards, rather than backward, as it will be moving so quickly that it will have no choice other than to look and watch where it is going and trust that the load it is pulling behind it, namely us lot, will either be in the flow and flying as quickly as we can, or falling off the wagon because it is going too quickly.

Therefore, we are in a state of preparation for the New Year through October, November and December and the Universe will be pulling a hurricane of energy through us to help us get up every single day and move something forward in our lives and within our selves at a deeper conscious level.

As we come into January 2012, things should smooth out a little for those who have managed to stay in alignment and those who are still trying to catch up will bounce along a bit, but should make it without too much trouble.

The Splitting Open of You

You’ve all heard the analogy of peeling the onion, well this time is all about peeling the orange. What’s the difference? When you peel a layer off the onion, what do you find? You find another layer to peel. What happens when you take the skin off an orange? You find the truth and glory of the fruit within. This period up to and through the New Year is about you opening up to reveal the truth and glory of who you really are. It is about revealing and accepting the God-consciousness within you that is trying to emerge at the same time that the Universe is trying to reveal it from behind your mask of Unworthiness and Fear of Change.

Therefore, we can expect some personal challenges as we learn to let go at another level and allow that light within us to shine through. However, because we are in the last phase of several major pulls from the Universe, we should find this not too bad if we pay attention and find the time to go deep within ourselves every single day to be mindful of the work we need to do on ourselves to ‘allow’ this process to unfold.


The key with this up coming phase is that you have to enter into absolute self-belief and self-acceptance. You have to open up to the truth within you. You will probably have to find the courage to step up and do things that you wouldn’t normally do and you will probably find that the old inner voice keeps speaking to you about not being good enough. Well, it is time for that old voice to leave because the new voice is that of the God-consciousness desperate for you to awaken and allow it to speak through you. And there is only you who can allow God to emerge from within you as you accept you are worthy of shining your unique Light forth into the world. So, this is the time to truly do the things you want to do, be the person you want to be, for the God-consciousness is pushing you to do and be that. It may be thousands of years before we have this opportunity of accelerated transformation again. We are entering the final year towards the end of the old period and passing through the gateway of 2012.

Call upon all the elements to help you win through this next phase. Call on the Sun and Moon energies, the Earth Mother and the Trees and all the Angels and Guides that you feel connected with. The Universe is trying very hard in this phase to love you into life and all you have to do is surrender at one level and truly let go at a very deep level of as many old patterns as you can.

Working with Essences

Now is the time to work with your Essences like never before. Refer to your OceanofEmotion books/pdfs and get yourself tuned-in and fully in the flow with the Universe and learn how things change all the time when you are working this way. Dowsing what you need every single day. If you have invested in an Emerald Heart Bach Flower Remedy Kit, then dowse what you need every single day to keep everything moving smoothly and effortlessly. Also monitor your dreams and write them down. Work with divination cards, anything that might help to confirm things for you. Try to remember that the Universe always tries to confirm any intuitive information you receive so that you can be certain of which way your heart is calling you.

Journal Working: Note down anything unusual that occurs, it may be a new opportunity; a new encounter; a difficulty that suddenly resolves itself. In fact anything that comes out of the blue that may be an indicator of change. Also, keep a note of your feelings, sensations or ‘inner knowing’ of changes taking place; anything at all, even if it appears to be negative. Don’t put anything down to imagination, list it all down and we can help you to understand it if need be. Often what might appear as negative is actually a very positive sign of change when the hidden message is revealed.

The Essence of the Period is – SEPARATION

Think about the nature of humans. They have become separated from the God-consciousness and identified with the growth of the ego-self. From birth, they entered into the world as free spirits fully connected with the Universe. The spirit of everything that is beams forth out of the eyes of babies. And then we begin to program them; to teach them our ways; to show them what we think is right and wrong. And eventually, they end up just like us. What a disaster. How is it that we can take something so pure and full of the God-light and strip it bare until it has no idea what it is any longer, other than full of the ego-self or artificial self.

The Essence of Separation is gentle. It is full of Love. It dreams itself into the reality that we have become as we lost our way in this world. As we lost that divine connection into the Universal Consciousness and everything that is.

Separation begins to gently prise away our artificial self, so that we can begin to glimpse the real self beneath the tainted surface.

Although it works with love and gentility, it is also very powerful. Slowly, it drives deep into you like a steel wedge, prising apart those layers that are not really you. The layers that have been accumulated over a lifetime of developing the ego-self.

Separation pours itself into your heart, illuminating the truth within. Connecting you to the God within so that you can begin to feel the difference between the real you and the artificial you.

However, this can be a long process. It can take time and effort to begin to truly find and accept the real you. It is a process. But once we start that process and truly ask for the help of the Universe, then the journey begins.

Separation can be taken any time in your life when you are looking for the answers to the way home. The journey back to Unity.

During this next period, allow Separation to love you into wholeness. To love you into one-ness. Just to love you with the Light of the whole Universe, which awaits your grace in this tiny bottle.


During these coming months, you may find that you have so many new ideas that you don’t know where to go with them. The other thing that might happen is that you start too many things and nothing comes to completion. The key to riding this wave is to focus on one or two things at a time and absolutely ensure that you continually move them forward. With this in mind, I am going to share with you an extract from a recent Teaching given to The Emerald Heart Practitioners.

Setting Your Intent and Focus

What happens when a Teaching is offered or a flash of inspiration appears in your heart. Most people read it and feel it, think about it; then it fully envelopes them, it nurtures them at a deep level; it illuminates them and creates a driving force of uplifting power and excitement; it motivates them; they make great plans… then three days later a different world inhabits them and the focus is lost.


Mindfulness can help you to be focused with your intent. With a Teaching or when you might also share insights and intuitions with each other and these trigger within you a desire to move forward, to do something new, to take some action, to create a workshop or process that helps others, or whatever it may be, what I wish to do here is help you to hold that space so that you can turn your insight and desire into reality, rather than another memory of something that didn’t happen.

The great intentions of humanity. How many truly come to fruition?

The Great Diversion

I am speaking here of everyday life. Our great intentions fall victim to everyday life and everyday life is all about survival, as that is what our main focus is all the time.

What happens in life is life! Or in the immortal words of that great world challenger, John Lennon, “Life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans.”

Birthing the Project

The trick is to bring the momentary inspiration into a place of birth. To birth it into our reality. To pull it firmly from the ether where God poured it into you as an inspiration, ground it into Mother Earth and have her energies help you to manifest and create it in this reality. What do you need in order to do this? You need a number of things. You need drive, power, determination, trust in your own ability, confidence in yourself and above all, focus on the item as a complete and finished entity; be it a book, a Teaching, a workshop, an appointment with destiny, or a cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee down the high street. Whatever it is, you have to point yourself in that direction and keep going until you have attained your goal.

How Can I Stick to My Focus?

The answer to this can be, ‘with great difficulty,’ as the focus might just be too great for you to adhere to. Let me take you back a step.

First of all, you need to set a focus or intent for something you wish to achieve. This focus MUST be within the realms of possibility and within your ability, although it is a very good idea to stretch and push yourself out of your comfort zone and trust that you will be helped. The major factor in failing to achieve is that you do not trust the help from above. You think that you have to do it all yourself. You do not believe that the Light I have brought to earth for you will work through you. It will and it will be strong and powerful and you will know it. However, this is a process that develops. If you do not ever set yourself in that place where the Light can speak through you, then the process never begins, therefore, how can it ever develop into something flowing and powerful?

If you are choosing to work with this Light, then this Light will choose to work with you – The Law of Reflection. But, do not call to it and pledge your truth, only then to turn away from it with the fear of your own excuses, for this is like slapping a great and good friend in the face and in that process destroying your friendship. However, the Light does not judge and will stand by awaiting your call, no matter how many times you turn from it. But why call and then be in fear of it?

The Focus

Firstly, choose a simple focus. Something you are going to do, in order to step yourself up and move yourself forward in some small way. For example, if you wish to bring changes to something as simple as your diet, if you wish to improve it, use a technique called Just One Banana. In this process, drop one item that is not so good for you from the diet and replace it with one item that is better for you. As time passes, this new pattern becomes your new reality and as a result, your energy changes for the better and your consciousness lets go of an old pattern, and in the process develops a new pattern. However, the new pattern is slightly better for you than the old pattern and so an improvement in your life takes place.

The Three Day Check

In this way, consistently changing one pattern for another, you learn to let go and each new pattern is less clinging or attaching to you than the older more rigid pattern that you are letting go of. Secondly, in this process, take your time. Do not try to change a pattern every day, or even every week, allow yourself time for true deep changes to take place within you, and your consciousness will become very relaxed and accepting about the changes. It will actually welcome them, even though initially there might be a little struggle. Finally, be mindful of the changes you are trying to make and check on yourself every three days to see that you are still on target and that you have not forgotten to ‘eat your banana’ and slipped back into the old pattern. This is where the energy of determination comes in and that can actually be very draining as your sub-conscious attempts to sabotage the change.

Now, if you choose to challenge yourself to move forward in your life and work, the process is the same. You set an intent or focus to do something new or change something old, and then you put it into action. You check every three days that you are still on target and you keep repeating this process until it becomes second nature.

There may always be nervousness, anxiety, pain, lack of confidence, even despair, but if you do not face these things and take action, then you will NEVER move forward.

I now encourage you to take a step forward, fix an intent or focus on a subject that will take you forward, expand you in some way. Become mindful and check your focus every three days to see if you are still connected with it and that your project is still moving forward and is on course. Manifest it into the earth realm. Birth it into this reality and the Light will be with you. Trust it.

With Deepest Love and Blessings, Dave.

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