How Simple Lunges Can Improve Knee Health

There is a lot that can be done to stretch, lengthen and mobilise the muscles round the knee joints, but in regards to injury prevention it all comes down to strengthening and that, I’m afraid, is up to you. When performed accurately, lunges not only reinforce the quadriceps but also the supporting muscles along with the glutes that work together to secure the knee. These muscles are those that can be easily neglected as we build strength through repetitive exercises such as running or biking.

As a leading Finchley sports massage therapist, I advise clients the trick to real improvement is great technique. Ensure that the knee tracks in a straight line over the toes, as you lunge. There are some excellent videos online demonstrating lunge technique and other amazing strengthening exercises to help teach proper alignment. If you are able to fit a couple of sets of these into your day then it will not be long before you see a noticeable improvement in your knee strength and durability.

How Simple Lunges Can Improve Knee Health

Fear not! Lunges aren’t the only thing that will prevent you from returning to your massage therapist in Finchley time and time again with chronic knee pain, below are a few simple things you can do that will be great for your knees.

1. Don’t dive head first into a brand new fitness regimen! Start slow and gradually build upwards, focusing on form and technique.

2. Avoid kneeling for long periods of time without the aid of a cushion! Keeping the knee bent like this likewise isn’t good for the joint, as knees need movement to remain healthy.

3. Are you using proper lifting techniques? Chances are, probably not. Correct form and posture when lifting, or even when walking, are essential to protecting your knees from damage.

4. If you’re recovering from a knee injury, and perhaps you’ve visited your massage therapist in Finchley and your knee is feeling better, keep in mind that patience is key! You may want to get back into your old routine quickly, but you may end up damaging the knee further before it is fully healed.

5. The correct footwear is essential, regardless if you’re a long time runner or just going out for an evening walk. Without the correct support, each step jars the knee, causing what could become lasting damage.

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