What can be expected during your massage in Finchley?

Before your massage in Finchley commences, great emphasis is placed on the first consultation. It is a chance to get an overall picture of how you feel, everything you expect from your treatment and any medical or psychological issues that have to be taken into consideration. Anything discussed will be handled as confidential and in applying this knowledge, your Finchley massage therapist will propose a treatment strategy that may be discussed and agreed before commencing the session.

During Your Finchley Massage Treatment

After you’re comfortable with the treatment strategy, your Finchley massage therapist will wait outside until you’re comfortable and prepared to start the massage, unless you need help getting onto the table. The treatment room has been designed with relaxation in mind and is kept warm and comfortable. Throughout the treatment you’re encouraged to appreciate the deep relaxation and turn off your mind to all worry and stress. Gentle music can actually help ease you into relaxation but treatments may be completed in quiet, should you prefer.

Throughout the session, a sheet or blanket will be utilized to keep you covered and warm and your massage therapist in Finchley will only ever expose the place to be done at that time. Finchley massages are commonly performed unclothed with oil but should you prefer techniques can certainly be adapted to work through clothes. The massage oil is hypoallergenic and perfume-free and acceptable for people that have nut allergies. During your treatment talk will be held to a minimum, and normally your therapist will work in quiet, other than when she’ll check in with you regarding relaxation and pressure.

After your Session with your Finchley Massage Therapist

When your massage is complete your Finchley massage therapist will leave you to dress before talking about any after care recommendations. We understand how chaotic life can be and so offer helpful and practical ideas that can readily be integrated into your daily routine. After your treatment you’ll have to drink loads of water to help flush out any toxins that could have been discharged. In order to get maximum advantage from the session it is usually best if your session can be accompanied by relaxation and rest. An early night and bubble baths are highly recommended by your Finchley massage therapist!

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