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Sports Massage North London

Sports massage is a popular and effective massage treatment that can help to offset the detrimental effects, on your body and mind, of many of the stresses of modern living. Despite the name, Sports massage is not limited to the treating and maintenance of sports people but is beneficial to all. In actuality, most people who seek out Sports massage therapy are office based workers who wish to reduce the pain, tension and stiffness that arises out of the modern lifestyle.


Of course, sports people, both professional and amateur, as well as those with injuries and those recovering from surgery will find sports massage to be a valuable investment.

A session of Sports massage is usually physically and energetically deep as it is remedial and therapeutic by its nature. The intention is to bring more movement, ease and freedom to the physical tissues of your body, to your mind and to your being as a whole. It may challenge your pain threshold but in a respectful and healthy way. I never wish to cause unnecessary pain and more often than not only expose the pain and limitation that is already present in a person’s body.

“Jag is a highly experienced and technically knowledgeable massage therapist. Due to my profession I suffer from constant back pain. After spending significant sums of money on on-going  physiotherapy and acupuncture I decided to try Jag’s services. Whether you are looking for rehabilitation or relaxation I highly recommend Jag’s personable service.” 

Luke Smith, Welwyn Garden City

Sports Massage & The Treatment Of Pain

Pain in the body is a reflection of pain and discomfort in ones life, and a fear of change. When we narrow, contract and hold onto the status quo as we know it, now matter how dysfunctional it may have become, our bodies also contract and tighten.  By facing the pain in ones body, instead of resisting or avoiding it, one can deal more effectively with pain in ones life. This is achieved by engaging deeply with the breath, the ribs and the diaphragm throughout the session.

I will encourage you to feel your body, how you use it (to support and promote the idea of yourself) and how you may release control and therefore allow the return of ease and comfort. I will support in you a growth of self-awareness during the session. If you wish to, we will together explore how your personality, and its framework of beliefs, ideas and fears, creates tension within your body.

How Can Sports Massage Help You?


Though most people come for a Sports massage on the pretext of reducing muscular tension, pain and stiffness, one of the long term benefits is becoming more aware and grounded (embodied) within your body. This moves the predominance of energy out of the head and the mental sphere and back into the body which then supports the reducing of the physical symtoms of muscular pain and tension, through learning more how to relax by flowing with life.

Sports Massage Is Effective In Alleviating –

  • All muscular pain, tension, stiffness and weakness,

  • such as that often found within the upper back, neck and shoulders, lower back & hips

  • All repetitive strain injuries such as those to the fingers, hands, wrists and arms

  • Stress and its many related facets

  • Headaches and insomnia

As Well As Supporting –

  • Recovery from injuries and surgery

  • An improvement in your general posture

  • Greater strength and movement within the joints of the body

  • Improved performance whatever your field, whether physical or otherwise

  • An increased ease, comfort and harmony that is felt within your body and mind

Sports Massage – The Technical Details

Though I use the styles of Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage interchangeably and as synonymous, there are some differences in approach. Sports massage incorporates Deep Tissue massage – with its deep, slow strokes that stretch and release muscle fibers as well as the connective tissue of the fascia (the layer under the skin that also encases the muscles), known as Myo-Fascial Release or Connective Tissue Manipulation – but also includes –

  • Neuromuscular Technique – static pressure held on a trigger point – basically a knot within a muscle

  • Soft Tissue Release – pressure applied to a part of a muscle whilst the length of the muscle fiber is stretched

  • Muscle Energy Techniques – a collection of stretches and mobilisations, including active resisting from the receiver

These techniques together all help to reduce shortening in the muscles, release muscle fibers that have become bound therefore improving how your body moves and feels.

Sports Massage North London

Sessions are available for 1 – 2 hours.

The cost is £70 an hour. This includes an additional 5 – 10 minutes consultation time.

24 hours notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling otherwise the full fee is charged.

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