Jag understood my situation very quickly and always uses the most appropriate techniques in each session regarding how I am on the day. I've only had a few sessions with him so far but already I can feel a huge change in my life because of the work we have done together! I now feel confident in any life challenges I am destined to face. Maya Shalev

New in London and becoming frustrated by treatments which skimmed over tension spots, I was thrilled to discover Jag. His healing hands and intuition make him an exceptional therapist. With a background in massage myself I expect a lot from a treatment, and Jag lives up to those expectations. He listens to how I am and tailors each treatment to meet my needs at the time. I appreciate that not only does he give an excellent massage but Jag also shares what he senses intuitively. If you're keen for a new perspective on your life, I'd recommend a soul plan reading. It's an exquisite experience to have Jag "see" all of who you are and reflect it back to you. It's had a profound impact on me and I've found Jag's insights and intuition valuable in integrating it. Ingrid Vrind

Jag is the real deal when it comes to his abilities, focus, empathy and touch. Thank you Jag for a wonderful treatment, I will be back soon! Susannah Merricks

Jag is the real deal, I highly recommend him! Zannah Merricks 

After only one treatment with Jag I felt a dramatic improvement in the pain I had been experiencing in my Neck. He is a talented bodyworker and intuitive healer. Richard Rogers

I have known Jag for just over a year and I have found his counselling/healing sessions very useful. He is compassionate, non-judgmental and always willing to go the extra mile. He has helped me to live in harmony from someone that wanted to kill themselves everyday. If anyone else is feeling anything similar then I would definitely recommend seeing Jag. I cannot wait to try one of his massages judging from the previous positive reviews. K Patel

I have been going to Jag for many years now, as he is the best practitioner I have encountered. He provides a holistic massage anchored in strong technical knowledge of massage techniques and anatomy. He tailors his approach every session to your actual condition at that point, both physically and emotionally. Jag is sensitive, professional and always makes me feel comfortable and safe, which is important as I go to his home for the sessions. He is on the pricey side for me, so I space the sessions more than I'd like to, but I wouldnt go to anyone else now.
I have also used his numerology based readings and found that an incredibly powerful experience. Ana Sanchez Martin

Jag is currently helping me as I am a chronic fatigue sufferer. He is using the emerald heart light to help me overcome issues and fears that are preventing my recovery. I speak to Jag on the phone and he guards me how to change my limiting thought processes and sometime sends me an essence to help with this. The treatment is going well and I am starting to feel real changes taking place. I found Jag very easy to talk to and very knowledgable. I have been ill for a number of years and tried many different therapies. Jag is definitely one of the best practioners I have ever worked with. Matt Stone

Jag creates a very calming and peaceful atmosphere. The therapy room in his home is much more pleasant than many salons I've visited. The massage was wonderful and I felt very relaxed after it. I've been for counselling as well and Jag really works from the heart. I always feel safe discussing what's going on and trust that he has my best interests at heart. I always find myself making positive strides in my life after a session with Jag. Michelle Black

Very conscious about my stressful life. Gave me loads of advice - listened to me carefully. Help me to feel much better after the massage. I am so grateful that Jag manage to unblock all my neck/back/arm pain. Thank you so much. Stefany

Best massage I've ever had. I'm a pro pole dancer so I ache in many places. Jag has a way of locating and releasing very specific tight areas that most massage therapists miss. Lyndal Marwick

Very thorough and also empathetic and kind in his approach. Happy with treatment received. I recommend him. Catherine Roberts

Just wanted to say a big thank you! The reading was very enlightening, you left me with a lot to think about. Things added to my to do list. You inspired me to take action!
Little did I know something I did on impulse would give me so much insight, into the past present and future.
I was tempted to ask you more searching questions with the hope you would give me the answers but that’s not how it works. You facilitated and evoked my own journey of authenticity.
So armed with the knowledge here I, watch this space!!! Wajeeha Amin

Had an amazing Soul Plan Reading with Jag discovering my life purpose. Spend a good amount of time discussing and identify my life challenges, talents and goals. Easy to see Jag is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic in this area. I really enjoyed exploring my destiny, made a lot of sense. I need to put it to good use now. Thanks so much, it was a very powerful uplifting experience, totally recommended.  Franco Vallelonga

My work is often stressful. Jag always gives me a deeply relaxing massage, which helps keep me calm. He is a friendly and pleasant guy, and in fact he has helped me improve my life. Highly recommended! William Bagshaw

I found Jags' massage technique both professional and caring, with excellent pressure on my neck, back and shoulders. I would recommend Jags expertise as he has excellent knowledge and empathy and ability to massage. Dan Anderson

I have known Jag for more than 4 years .He is simply the best .whenever i visit Jag for massage i feel the real peace and harmony in my body for days ,His great knowledge and deep understanding of body and soul harmony makes him the very best at what he does .Jag spiritual guidance is like buying a made to measure suite for your soul ,he listens to your and observes very carefully, ! I always feel very special and unique just talking to him.
Jag has shown me the light at the end of the tunnel , he always teaches me how to fly higher and to be free. Ali Kashmiri

Working with Jag has been a great experience. He is deeply sensitive and has a gift for communicating what it is you need to hear in order to move forward through your barriers. Elena E

Jag makes you feel at ease and comfortable from the very first moment you arrive. He consults you before the massage in a very kind but professional manner. The massage itself was great, I felt relaxed, revitalised and rejuvenated afterwards. I will go again! Miia K

Jag is a good guy to work with. He is very informative and helpful. His work with Numerology is fascinating. Russell Baker

A truley uplifting and spiritual experence. through this soul reading i now feel totally connected to myself and my purpose to which i can now continue on my journey forward thanks to Jag. Warren Stone

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