The Body & Our Experience Of Life

To be embodied is to feel. To feel one must be embodied. There is a direct correlation between how grounded or comfortable we are in our bodies and how much we feel. This may seem peculiar, the idea that we do not feel, but the fact is most of us have only an idea of how we feel, of how we should feel which is always very different to the truth.

This leads to denial and to the endless pursuit of an infinite number of ways in which to numb our feelings and ourselves. It also leads to manipulation and a desire to control the world around us, for when we do not directly express our feelings and needs, we project onto others and use deceit to get what we want. Needless to say we cannot connect very well with others when we repress our own feelings and therefore seperate ourselves from the world around us and a full experience of it which can only occur through feeling. So with our minds we say we want intimacy, let beneath the mental idea of ourselves we are doing everything we can to prevent receiving the love we state we want.

Connecting with our bodies helps us to connect with our feelings. Every single one of our repressed feelings, memories, thoughts, ideas and beliefs about ourselves and the world is imprinted upon our bodies. These then shape the posture of our bodies and are then broadcast to the world in an assertive statement of ones idea of oneself. The body is the keeper of secrets, the repository of all that our minds refuse to face. This is why our posture become distorted and disorderly, and our bodies contracted and painful. Stress, in all its manifestations, springs from resistance and avoidance of what is, our minds imposing upon our bodies and our lives what ‘we know’ and our idea of the way it must be.

Our society teaches us, and rewards us for our disproportionate allocation of our energy and life force into the mental realm. So quite literally, most of our energy is locked up in our heads, depriving our bodies of vitality whilst burdening them with a myriad of limiting ideas and beliefs that are experienced as physical limitations within the body.

This is why massage Barnet and bodywork, as well as physical practices such as yoga, are so fundamentally essential to becoming aware of your body and mind, your relationship to your body and from there embodied and comfortable within your fleshy physical parameters. We can then feel fully too. It is this aspect which is one of the gifts of massage and bodywork. A session can do wonders to reduce a build up of tension, but without the change that comes from awareness and responsibility and a consequent release of mental control, the same physical tension will return again soon enough.

Shamanic Energy Healing by

Jag Lysander Reeves

London, Eastbourne, UK & Worldwide

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