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What Is Energy Healing?

Energy relates to the subtle forces in and around us that shape and move our physical bodies and the physical world. In a narrow sense this is seen as the flow of energy in meridians and chakras, yet it also includes the inherent subtle energy of our thoughts and feelings and their impact on our environment. Healing relates to a process of harmonisation, in which various forces are balanced, releasing pain and contraction, on all levels, and supporting a return to health and wholeness. Therefore, energy healing is simply working with those subtle forces to encourage a return to health, peace and wholeness.

All the differing modalities I offer are ultimately energy healing techniques, ways of working to uncover and address the subtle, root causes of every difficulty and challenge, even when that challenge appears to be very practical in nature. As an intuitive healer, I put together the different aspects of a person's life to create a holistic overview and from there am guided in how to work to resolve the individual's challenge.

A vital part of the energy healing process is the meeting and illumination of the confusion within, those parts of us that desperately seek health, wealth, happiness and peace yet in their seeking and misunderstanding only create more of the struggle, pain and suffering we all wish to be free of. 

How Energy Healing Can Help You

I find that energy healing can be effective in quickly releasing acute emotional and psychological stress and pain, therefore encouraging balance, peace and ease. Emotional release is always a vital part of this restoration of balance, where repressed emotions have led to unease, stress and anxiety. 

In uncovering the root of an issue, energy healing is effective at treating and resolving -

stress of all kinds; anxiety; suppressed anger; feelings of guilt & shame; self-hatred;

depression; feelings of isolation and inadequacy; addictive patterns and dependencies;

grief and separation anxiety; inter-personal conflict; inability to relax, let go and sleep;

People are often moved to seek help in times of acute crisis. This can be fruitful as the feeling of desperation can create a willingness and openness that allows for great change. However, often people are not in the midst of crisis and the feeling of being out of control, yet feel something is not quite right with some aspect of their life. This may include relationship struggles or the lack of an intimate relationship; a felt lack of purpose and direction in life; the slow or sudden development of poor health and disease; or career stagnation, and stagnation (the feeling of being 'stuck') in general. 

Energy healing is a great aid at working to address and release deeper fears and limiting beliefs that create chronic struggle with life over the passing years. We all to some degree become masterful in 'managing' our fears, insecurities and deeper felt traumas to make our lives as safe as possible yet in doing so creating often suffocating limitation. Energy healing ultimately helps to clear the way for you to pursue the life you wish for. 

Ancestral Healing - Releasing Inherited Family Burdens

None of us are born into or exist within a vacuum. We are the latest expression of our parents, and their parents, our ancestors, culture, ethnic groups and humanity. Therefore, many of the emotional, psychological and spiritual burdens we carry are ancestral and social though they express as personal, individual issues. Energy healing is a powerful aid in working through these issues and the self-blame and self-recrimination that often accompanies them

Shamanic Energy Healing by

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