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The Benefits – How I May Help You With Massage & Healing


The many massage, bodywork and healing modalities that I have studied and now offer have many benefits for the receiver. The techniques and skills I have acquired and the talents I have been gifted with have different applications and qualities – very much like the tool set of a craftsman – and it is part of my work to discern what will work best, in the moment with each person I work with.

When you come to see me, I will ask what you wish to receive from the session, what your problem is and what outcome you envision, and I will allow the session to form out of that. I may feel and suggest you will be best served with some bodywork, Reflexology, Reiki, a Vibrational Essence, or a combination, though the decision is always yours.

Some techniques are better than others for attaining certain results but ultimately, complex technique is not always best – simplicity and stillness can often allow or create far more change. Techniques are only truly animated by power and intention and are always dependant on the skill and power of the practitioner. To each session and individual I meet, I will offer the totality of myself and the power I hold, to support you in the change you wish for.

The range of my skills allows for me to help you in many ways. The limitations you put on what you receive, and how much change you consider possible (within a session or your life in general) is up to you. You may come for a session to alleviate physical tension and pain in your muscles or for personal and spiritual growth centred around your body – it is up to you how much you gain from a session. The more open and willing you are to engage and change, the more you will receive. This principle resonates throughout life.

Rather than write a list of benefits for each of the modalities I offer, I have chosen to offer a general overview of how my work in general may help you, whether through Thai massage, Reiki and Emerald Heart Healing or Shiatsu. Though life is a unified whole, we are taught to perceive it as separate, often unrelated components. Therefore, for ease of familiarity, I have categorised benefits into the Physical, the Emotional & Psychological, and the Spiritual.

Physical Benefits –

  • Alleviation of physical, muscular pain, tension and tightness – including headaches, sciatica and other causes of pain

  • Improvement of posture, joint mobility, movement and flexibility

  • Accelerated and more complete recovery from injury and illness, including repetitive strain injuries

  • Strengthening of immune function, reducing susceptibility to illness

  • Feeling more at ease and comfortable physically

  • Improved breathing and digestive function

  • Deeper more restful sleep and ability to let go and relax

  • Improved performance in all physical activities and sports, with faster recovery time and less injuries

  • Increased energy levels


Emotional & Psychological Benefits –

  • A reduction of the stresses, pressures and demands we put upon ourselves to do more and be more

  • Feeling more at ease with oneself through

  • Meeting and accepting parts of ourselves that we have deemed unacceptable and therefore denied and repressed

  • More general acceptance of the world around us, allowing of things as they are without the need to control them

  • A lessening and eventual falling away of anxiety, depression, compulsive disorders and other neuroses

  • Facing and fully dealing with the emotions surrounding trauma, abuse, grief and bereavement

  • Feeling at peace and able to fully enjoy life

  • Increased ability to face life’s inevitable challenges with neutrality and effectiveness

  • An ability receive more from life, and therefore to give more – an increase in abundance

  • Greater focus and clarity of mind in all areas of life

  • Increased personal effectiveness and inter-personal communication skills


Spiritual & Personal Development –

  • Greater understanding of oneself, who one is, who one is not, and what motivates us

  • Discovering the fears that keep us limited and then dissolving them

  • Going beyond our limited ideas of who we are and what we are capable of

  • Finding our purpose in life, doing what makes us feel truly alive and fulfils our need to be in service to others

  • Living more in alignment with nature and the higher powers of life

  • Connecting with the earth and nature

  • Increasing spiritual vision and powers of discernment, and learning the language of the unseen forces of the spiritual world

  • Feeling more love, awe and reverence for all aspects of life

  • Transforming our perspective of life’s challenges into one that helps us to see the opportunity inherent in everything

  • Letting go of all we think we know, all ideas and beliefs of who we are or how the world is

  • Growing responsibility for oneself in everything we do, think or feel

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