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My work as a Life Coach is to help you achieve whatever it is you wish to in life. I will work with you to help you achieve your heart’s desire whether this is a new work project, developing your skills in a particular area or to improve how you relate to people. All change is made by a gradual, step by step process and with time, commitment and perseverance we can all achieve anything we put our mind and heart to. This involves facing, accepting and working to overcome our internal limitations, rooted in our fears, so that external challenges can be surmounted with courage and self belief.

However, this begins with the assumption that you know what it is you want in life, at this time. Unfortunately, many of us do not know what it is we truly want, what is our heart’s desire and our true purpose in life – even what the next step is for us.

The Buddha reminds us that “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it”

We all know what we enjoy doing, what draws our interest and by a process of exploration we can discover what it is that ignites our spirit. We all have a responsibility to ourselves and our community to become our highest expression, our best possible selves. When we are unclear what it is we wish to be living, yet feel the need for change, Life Coaching begins with bringing attention to that which keeps us in denial and the darkness of fear. Our fears create a smoke screen to keep us from being who we truly are and from our real purpose. This brings clarity and from here we can begin to move forward in our lives.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Before we undertake any work together, I like to have an initial chat to establish that we can work together fruitfully.

Once we begin, I recommend speaking with client’s once or twice a month for a period, though this is fluid and depends on the individual situation. At the initial meeting I will work with you to clarify what it is you want and how I may help.  Each subsequent meeting we reassess your progress and make adjustments as necessary. We start by together exploring and examining each area of your life. I encourage you to feel and assess each area with as much truth as possible. I offer my objective perspective, and act as a mirror, showing you that which you do not see. We always need another’s viewpoint on ourselves as it is very difficult to see ourselves clearly. This then gives us a starting point. We can start only with the truth, even though this may sometimes be uncomfortable. Without truth there can be no change.

We then prioritise which areas of your life we will start working with. Change happens mostly by a step by step process. By taking small steps, change is manageable and we avoid feeling too overwhelmed by it.

Any process of change requires a strong commitment, focus, determination; and being responsible and accountable for ones decisions – or indecisions. When working on projects or towards specific goals it is essential to create a framework or timescale within which we will take the action decided upon. Without reference to a framework of time, action may be put off and slip into the nebulous realm of procrastination.


Business Coaching For Complementary Therapists

One of the things I have had to learn thoroughly over the past 10 years is how to get clients. Beforehand, marketing and business in general was completely unknown to me. I have learnt a lot and now wish to pass on this practical wisdom to others starting up in the field of complementary therapy practice. Click Business Coaching For Complementary Therapists for more information.


Life Coaching & Soul Plan Reading

I always recommend having a Soul Plan Reading as part of Coaching. The reason is simple. The Soul Plan reading shows you the blueprint of your soul; the purpose your soul has taken in this life. It shows you your talents, goals, and the challenges you must overcome. It shows you in very clear and bolstering terms that you have the resources to achieve what you wish to. You simply need to embrace the parts of yourself you have not yet met, or indeed avoided or feared. A Soul Plan Reading will in all likelihood give you a totally new perspective on yourself

To achieve any goal we must have knowledge of who we are, what we really want and the skills we have – and then pursue that goal with total focus and commitment. Life Coaching is about creating a systematic strategy, in co-operation with another, for attaining our heart’s desires. Therefore, the more self knowledge we can access the more likely will be our success. A Soul Plan Reading is a means to self knowledge.

Life Coaching is a partnership focused on realizing your desired goals. However, at times we may not actually know what it is we truly want. It can feel like living in a fog, without the clear sight to see our next step. We always have innumerable limitations and fears that we must overcome to attain our intended purpose. The fear in our hearts always limits our expression in life, and sadly for many of us, it totally constricts our real selves. Therefore, we must utilise any and all means that can dissolve these fears, to set us free from their paralysis. For this reason I will usually utilise Theta Healing to help release deep, unconscious beliefs that act as barriers to that which you wish to invite into your life. 

Life Coaching In Finchley, North London

Sessions are available for between 1 – 2 hours.

The cost is £80 an hour.

24 hours notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling otherwise the full fee is charged.

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