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Changing Name with Numerology Name Optimisation


All systems of astrology, numerology and other life path chart readings are based on our day (and time) of birth, and/or our name at birth. The day and time of birth obviously can never be changed, yet our name can be, and often is.

Most of us do not recognise the influence that our names have. How we present ourselves to the world, through our name, is an energetic broadcast which influences and shapes the whole of life around us. This broadcast can be changed and enhanced.

In the numerological system that I use most extensively – the Soul Plan system – a person’s birth name (rather than the day and time of birth) creates and reflects the foundation blueprint for their life. This will never change. However, all other subsequent names used thereafter create additional energetic overlays of themes, qualities and experiences which play into the main themes of the birth chart.

When a person changes their name, whether through marriage, professionally (with a stage name etc.) or for personal reasons, their energetic broadcast into the world will also change. This plays into the core themes in their birth chart and can either support and enhance the unfolding and blossoming of those themes, or it can hinder and restrict them.


What Is Name Optimisation & How Can It Help You

Name optimisation with numerology is simply the process of strategically choosing a name that is best suited to you, energetically and phonetically, according to your birth chart. The intention is to find the name that most powerfully supports and strengthens the opening of your inherent qualities, so you may then live more fully in every way imaginable.

When a person wishes to change their name for personal or professional reasons, they will usually have a few possible new names in mind. The appearance of new potential names usually happens intuitively. Sometimes a person can have an absolute knowing of the best new name for them. This is great. Often though, it may not be clear at first which name is best.

This is where name optimisation comes in. A client will come to me with a few names in mind and we look at each in turn and how it works with their birth chart. It is always a very exciting process, particularly when the optimal name magically presents itself.

Sometimes it may be that a minor change to the birth name is all that is needed. For example, working with a client, we might find that it works perfectly for them to adopt their unused middle name as a first name, or even to simply make their middle name their first name and their first name their middle name. This can often become obvious during a session where as previously it was not apparent. This is the power of working with this process.

When looking at new names, we will also check that they do not create clashes with those closest to the client i.e. partners and children.

Married Names

There is also the scenario of getting married and changing surname. It is becoming more common for the husband to adopt the wife’s family name, creating a double barrelled surname. This is a great opportunity for both to enhance the opening of their lives, together, with an optimised name change.

Sometimes it can happen that the wife feels intuitively it is not right to simply adopt the family name of her husband, replacing her own – she feels that the energy of the new name would not support her or the marriage. We can look at ways to work with this. There are always possibilities and a double barrelled name is one of them.


Babies Names

The other scenario where name optimisation is of value is in naming babies. Most parents will have a few names in mind before the baby is born. Sometimes they may have decided on a name before birth. I always recommend waiting till the baby is born before naming. This gives the opportunity of first meeting the new born being, and feeling whether the proposed name really suits them.

The parents will usually come to see me just before or just after the birth, with a list of potential names to look at. Name optimisation for babies can really help in three main ways. Firstly, it helps to avoid potentially very difficult experiences and various hardships for the child – we all wish for our children to be as supported by life as possible.

Secondly, the charts of all potential names for the baby will be looked at in relation to the parents charts to avoid any clashes. Clashes can create difficulty between the parent and child in many ways – through conflict, disengagement, disconnection, dependency to name a few.

Thirdly, a name optimisation for ones baby begins a process of coming to know that child in a way in which their needs are fully understood, making it easier to gives the most support possible. Birth charts highlight that we each have very individual and unique needs, whilst also sharing commonality.

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