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Numerology Readings London

Unlike Astrology, you do not need your time of birth for a numerology reading. This is advantageous when you do not have this information. For an accurate numerology reading you will need only your date of birth and your name at birth. In the primary system of numerology I use, Soul Plan Reading, you need only your name at birth.

Healing can come in many different forms. A deeper understanding of ourselves can be very healing by helping us to improve the way we live and to become more effective in our lives. Self knowledge offers the possibility of greater happiness, freedom and fulfillment.

Numerology is a way to healing through self understanding that then allows for more conscious, self empowering choices to the individual. Though we are all human and share the same experiences, we are also all unique, with distinct life paths. Therefore, any body of knowledge which illuminates how we may make the best of our lives and resources is very valuable.

For more information on numerology readings have a look at my new and dedicated numerology website

Numerology could be described as a psychology of numbers. Each number represents a quality of human expression and experience. A chart is created using an individual’s date of birth and their exact name at birth (each letter is allocated a number). The totality of these numbers, the chart, reflects what you could see as the individual’s blueprint or map for life.

How A Numerology Reading May Help You

I love working with numbers and offering the life guidance they contain. Numerology helps you to connect with your essence, and to elucidate the challenges you will face on your path to becoming your true self. It encourages you to appreciate aspects of yourself you may not have seen before – gifts and qualities – as well as individual traits you may not have previously considered in a favourable light. It helps you to change your perspective on your self and your life, and a change in perspective is always healing and transformative.

A Numerology reading will help you to –

  • Find clarity and direction in your life, professionally, personally and spiritually

  • Understand recurring life patterns and how they serve to shape who you really are

  • See the challenges of your life in a less personal way, giving you a more empowered sense of perspective

  • Realise the inner resources you have available to you

  • Make practical decisions concerning life major changes

  • Identify the most supportive environmental conditions for you as an individual

“Just wanted to say a big thank you! The reading was very enlightening, you left me with a lot to think about. Things added to my to do list. You inspired me to take action! Little did I know something I did on impulse would give me so much insight, into the past present and future. I was tempted to ask you more searching questions with the hope you would give me the answers but that’s not how it works. You facilitated and evoked my own journey of authenticity. So armed with the knowledge here I, watch this space!!!” Wajeeha Amin, London

Soul Plan Readings London

Though it is based on the Hebrew alphabet, with association to other ancient texts, the system of Soul Contract Reading is a relatively modern form of Numerology. This system is based solely on the name at birth. It is a very accurate means to illuminating the map of an individual’s life and one I use extensively in Numerology readings.     Read More ›

The cost of a Numerology Reading is £120 and includes the time taken to prepare a chart.

The reading takes around 90 minutes. A MP3 recording of the session will be offered and is included in the price.

Sessions can be taken in person, on the phone, or via Skype.

Numerology Readings London

Sessions are usually around 90 minutes though can be extended on request.

24 hours notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling otherwise the full fee is charged.

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