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What we see today as specialised practitioners of medicine, religion, psychotherapy, counselling, life coaching, healing and massage are a recent phenomenon. Before the rise of our modern society, within all traditional, tribal communities that lived more at peace with each other and the earth, there lived the shamans or medicine people, who have for most of history carried out the work of our modern, often limited and ineffectual specialists.

The Shaman

The shamans would be men and women of great personal power. They were chosen by the powers that be to serve others through their power to transform energy and consciousness. The shaman would perform what we would consider to be the extraordinary, the miraculous and even the impossible. This was made possible by the surrender of themselves, usually through a long and arduous apprenticeship that would forge them into empty vessels that could be directed, for the good of all, by the higher powers of life.


Without the limitations we except without question as part of the normal course of life, they are capable of great feats of magic and healing, known for their ability to move between worlds and realities with ease.

The shaman would become one with the forces of nature and the earth, gradually coming to command those forces when called to. They live with great love for the earth, nature and all of life, radiating this through their being and uplifting all they touch. For this reason, shamanic practice is deeply grounded in the things of the earth, thereby strengthening our connection with our mother, the earth.

There has been a recent surge of interest in traditional shamanic societies and practices, both from our own distant heritage and particularly those from around the world. This has called many to study the healing practices of these shaman.

Personal Power


One of the core concepts of the shamanic way is that of personal power. One must discover all of the ways in which one is losing power and then work to stem this wasteful out pouring of our life force. Then one can begin to accumulate their power and this is when magic can begin. What is seen as the main cause of this loss of power is our expenditure of our life force reinforcing and presenting the idea of ourselves with all its accompanying self interest, self serving and self important ways, and all the anxiety, pain and seperation this causes.

We must give up the story of ourselves in order to heal and grow. This leads to right and balanced relationship with oneself and all of life which allows one to live with love for all that is. The shaman acts as the guide in this means, as a modern psychotherapist or counsellor would, helping to restore balance.

In the shamanic perspective, another way in which we loose power, and thus succumb to illness, is through a lack of purpose in our lives, meaning we are not living as we were meant to – that is giving our gifts in service to the whole, which brings great joy to the givers life. When we avoid through fear doing what we know we must, we lose tremendous amount of power, and suffer greatly for it.

Working With Mother Earth


The work of the shaman always involves working with the Earth, for the mutual benefit of all. Part of our illusion of separation is that our power and life force is self generating. The truth is that without our Mother Earth we would have no life at all. She sustains us lovingly and unconditionally every moment of our lives. Therefore, our power truly lies within the Earth, and our power grows as we nurture our relationship with the Earth. This is in large part our trouble as modern humans – we have wantonly abandoned our connection with our Earth Mother which has led many of us into open disregard and abuse of that which nourishes us.

The shaman’s work is a celebration of the Earth, a remembrance of gratitude to Her. When we learn to connect into the true power the Earth offers, even though we may feel powerless within ourselves as isolated individuals, we are filled with a power external to us, showing us the way to healing ourselves through our connection with our original Mother.

The Shaman’s Tools


The tools and techniques a shaman would employ are many and varied, changing between one tradition or culture and the next. However, it is the power of intention held by the shaman (and the receiver of the healing) that is of the utmost importance, with technique being of peripheral consequence. The personal power of the shaman would also be a deciding factor. the more power they have, the more they can bring change to bear, so the better results they would see during healing sessions. Having said this, shamanic healing will often be very ceremonial or ritualistic, which is a way of reinforcing through physical practice the intention of the healing.

Some techniques I may use during my practice of Shamanic healing –

Journeying & Power Animals


The shamanic journey is a central part of most shamanic traditions. You could see it as a guided meditation, a flight of the imagination into the source of all things, where imagination and reality become one. Many traditions divide reality into an upper, lower and middle world, and would journey to each with a different intention. The shaman would journey to meet with and receive counsel and assistance from guides or power allies, for both themselves and clients. In traditional shamanic cultures, journies would often be undertaken with a power plant, the spirit of which would transport the imbiber into another reality for healing and teaching. However, hallucinogenic power plants are not used in sessions shamanic healing in the west.

It would often be in the other world that one would receive a power animal or totem. These totems are representations of different aspects of power, in animal forms, powers that would show us who we are and help us on our path.

Sound Healing


Traditionally shamans would use their voice as part of the therapeutic healing context, as sound healing, using their voice to communicate non-verbally and to move energy to restore order and balance; also as song. They would also use instruments, particularly the drum. The rhythmic beat of the drum is hypnotic, mesmerising, earthy and ancient, and helps to take us into a more grounded, open and receptive state for healing. The beat of the drum is used particularly for taking people into journeys and regression. Bells and rattles are other instruments employed in a session.

Power Retrieval & Soul Retrieval


As children we are mostly disempowered and dominated by our parents, in ways subtle or overt, and by necessity we then develop strategies to gain power by controlling and manipulating others, to get what we need. This pattern continues into adulthood and we often find ourselves facing replicas of our parents who present the same challenge to us, stripping away our power and leaving us helpless. Power retrieval is a healing process whereby we recall power back to ourselves which then helps us to break the patterns emotional patterns formed in the original acts of disempowerment.

Energy or Spirit Extraction


During acts of disempowerment, abuse and other similar situations where another intrudes into our energy with the intention to control, diminish and harm, this intrusion creates an imprint and thereby leaves a part of itself within us, that will continue to operate to our detriment. Extraction of this harmful energy or spirit intrusion allows us to be free of its limiting and negative influence.

Shamanic Healing London

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