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A Soul Plan reading is a step towards self discovery. Like an astrological birth chart reading, it offers you a look at your life’s purpose, from your soul’s perspective. It shows you the qualities, challenges, directives and goals you have chosen at the soul level for this life.

The Soul Plan is based upon ancient Hebrew systems of divination and the sounds or vibration of each character from the Hebrew alphabet. It is similar to systems of Numerology, but though it uses numbers as expressions of qualities, these are associated with the Hebrew sound vibrations, and so are somewhat different. Symbols are used also to express the energy inherent in each numerical expression.

How Can A Soul Plan Reading Help You?


True happiness and fulfillment can come to us only with a life of purpose. To reach this place, or simply to begin to move towards a life of purpose, we must expand our conscious awareness of who we are, and also of who we are not, and then find the courage to overcome the obstacles on our path. Therefore, we must embrace all opportunities to know ourselves more deeply. The esoteric arts have existed since the beginning of time to help men discover themselves, to evolve and find their true place in life.

A Soul Plan Reading highlights the patterns that exist within our lives. Though we all experience what it is to be human, inclusive of all the emotions and fears that go with  it (which can be seen as experiencing the qualities in each number), we each have lessons that are unique to us as individuals, particular challenges that we must surmount if we are to grow and become who we truly are. When we come to know the patterns that exist in our lives, it helps us to feel that we are not alone, and that we are connected to life; that life is not chaotic but divinely ordered – and that we can, through a focused intent, overcome our limitations and weaknesses which are ordained before birth – thus transforming our fate into our destiny. It can give us hope, faith and perspective that change in our lives is not just possible but divinely supported.

Looked at from another perspective, a Soul Plan reading will illuminate what is driving and motivating you, both consciously and unconsciously, in other words why you do the things you do. It will help to make the unconscious more conscious.

”If you need reminding of your strengths and desire your full potential revealed I would highly recommend a soul plan reading by Jag reeves. I woke up the next day with a renewed patience, love and appreciation for myself which has been long lasting. Despite light and dark aspects of my personality vehicle and ‘Being’ revealed, I felt wholly accepted and most importantly not judged. Jag appears to embrace, understand and deliver ones human condition and experience with empathy; leaving you to understand yourself better, achieve your life’s purpose and start to live from and enjoy your full potential” 

Tara McGuiness, London

How Does A Soul Plan Reading Work?

When making an appointment for a Soul Plan Reading, I will ask for your full name at birth, precisely as it appeared on your birth certificate. The calculations for your reading are then based upon your birth name. I may also ask for your date of birth, to collate this chart with a little regular Numerology.

Before we meet for the appointment, I will prepare a full reading for you. During the reading we will thoroughly examine the three central areas of your life. These are –

  • The major challenges you will face

  • The talents you have (though they may mostly be undiscovered) and

  • The goals your soul is working towards, that which it seeks to achieve

These 3 categories are further divided into The Worldly and The Spiritual. The worldly relates to the practical, physical world around and outside of ourselves, whereas the spiritual relates to our inner world of feelings. Generally speaking, the first 30 – 40 years of our lives will be focused more on the worldly aspect, so much of the challenge showing in a chart may have passed. The spiritual aspects of a Soul Plan often begin to take prominence in the latter half of a person’s life. We also look at the overall essence of your soul and its earthly desire.

You cannot overestimate the therapeutic impact that seeing the blueprint of your life will have on you. To see that your sorrows and sufferings have been predetermined at birth, and to have your experience validated by another is greatly uplifting and in a way liberating. At many times through life we all feel worthless and unable to face to challenges of our lives. A Soul Plan Reading will connect you to your inherent skills, gifts and talents thereby highlighting that you have the resources you need, within yourself.

“Jag’s soul plan reading raised issues to the surface that I’m aware of, but needed greater clarity. The reading has allowed me to engage with those issues more fully and actively seek to resolve them. Thank you.” Maxine Alexander, North London

Birth Chart Reading

The cost of a Soul Plan Birth Chart Reading is £120 and includes the time taken to prepare a chart.

The reading takes around 90 minutes. A MP3 recording of the session will be offered and is included in the price.

Sessions can be taken in person, on the phone, or via Skype.


Soul Plan Readings For Corporate Events, Functions & Parties

I also offer mini Soul Plan Readings as entertainment for events and functions, whether private weddings and parties or corporate business functions. This is a fun way to enliven any event and also brings something novel and exciting to the occasion that will get people talking.

I can work alone if for a small function or with a number of colleagues if there are larger numbers of guests in attendance. Bookings can be made for 2-3 hours and upwards. Mini readings last for 15-20 minutes depending on the booking length and the number of guests. Call or email for further information



Soul Plan Readings In London

Sessions are usually around 90 minutes though can be extended on request.

24 hours notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling otherwise the full fee is charged.

To book a Soul Plan Reading in London

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