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Spiritual Counselling

Until we can clearly hear and act upon the voice of our heart, we need a guide who can help us to find our truth. Someone who may illuminate our path, with the Light of their own inner truth and wisdom, so that we do not continue to stumble about in the darkness. This is one of the roles and gifts of the counsellor. To help those see what they cannot yet see themselves. This can be any number of things. To help someone see their own inherent worth; to guide someone into finding a new direction in life; or to simply allow someone to connect with themselves and speak of feelings long repressed from expression.

There is great action for change in dialogue that is spoken with an open heart, willing to receive. The eyes of the heart that truly wishes to see will be moved to change through simple realisation of the truth of a matter. Until we truly recognise how we really are, beyond the stories we tell ourselves, and the image we defend, how can we really change? We cannot. The realisation is a great force for immediate change.

The counsellor offers a receptive and accepting space that allows a person to explore who they are, without fear of judgement. Our cherished illusions will at times be challenged but this is necessary in order to let go of what is not true so that we may grow.

We all deeply wish for and need to be met by others, not out of ego need for recognition, but out of a basic human need to be accompanied, to connect with others, to life, and to be truly received, that is, in this case, to be really listened to. To be fully received and listened to by another is a profoundly empowering and uplifting experience for any individual, and it is a sad reflection of our society that many people feel a total absence of this in their lives. To be listened to is to be shown that your worth is equal to that of any other human, and what we all need is to feel more self worth and self love.

Spiritual Counselling takes quite a different approach to mainstream counselling and psychotherapy. The modern psycho-therapeutic approach, based in academic, intellectual learning, is perhaps a hundred years old. Spiritual Counselling is rooted in the intuitive shamanic and healing traditions of all cultures that pre-date the modern, intellectual era.


It is a process built on the trust that when two people come together, with the intention for healing, a force greater than either individual will be present, animating the counsellor to speak what needs to be said, from an open heart, so that magic can happen.

How Can Spiritual Counselling Help You?

At times when we feel our very identity being threatened or our world beginning to disintegrate around us, we need to explore, and discover, who we really are, underneath who we have always thought we are. Counselling offers the opportunity and possibility to do this in a safe space removed from the everyday world.  At times of crisis and collapse we need support, and that offered by a professional unattached to our life environment is a great advantage. Counselling can help in passing through –

  • Addictions

  • Depression

  • Bereavement

  • Relationship Conflict & Breakdown

  • Loss of Direction and Purpose in Life

  • The General Stress of Change

How Does Spiritual Counselling work?

Usually we meet once a week for a period of time in which you feel you need support and guidance. A session of an hour is normal. The core of counselling is an apparently passive dialogue but from this receptive space can spring great insight and change: action that grows spontaneously out of stillness rather than from a need to make something happen.

Unlike traditional counselling, I offer an individual style rooted in spiritual and shamanic practice. I also offer physical and practical tools to support the change you desire, namely bodywork and Theta Healing work to release limiting beliefs and fears.

Spiritual Counselling In London

Sessions are available online via Skype or on the phone for between 1 – 2 hours.

The cost is £80 an hour.

24 hours notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling otherwise the full fee is charged.

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